Thursday, December 8

The Torico and the miuras

It turns out that the statue of Torico, emblem of Teruel, has been destroyed when it fell to the ground from its 7-meter column. The National Congress of the Rope Bull was held in the Aragonese capital and they could not think of anything other than to place a ring with 23 ropes from as many participating municipalities. Removing it was when the statue went behind to the hard asphalt. And then they discovered that the historical figure they thought was made of bronze is made of an iron alloy. Gray alloy, they say. They assume that someone forged it at some point in their eventful life, which is counted for centuries. It seems unlikely that the material has been transmuted over time. And the fact of not leaving a written record of the barter gives a certain orientation.

So Spanish the bull and the trap that appear at precise moments to remind us of their survival. Because a few days of great and special activity are upon us in which they can gradually adopt different roles in the ring.

We are facing a complex week in which Spain receives delegations in Madrid, at the highest level, from 40 countries at the NATO Summit. In a context of wide war with epicenter in Ukraine. Ten thousand security agents, including police and Civil Guard, will monitor its development and the Army will take care of the airspace. The government delegation has banned two anti-NATO demonstrations in Madrid for “security reasons”, not the previous one on Sunday and not the various -no less than 5- called by Jusapol which, yes, far from the gates of the event, They promise to deploy in “mobile concentrations” in front of the presidents’ hotels. They say that the protests are for labor demands, but there is no doubt that the international community will have an explicit idea of ​​what is happening in our country.

I remind you that, while the Gag Law imposed by the PP is in force and has not repealed the current government, the word of an agent prevails over that of any citizen. The streets are going to be a closed arena in some way, where it is better not to enter in avoidance of not being able to leave in conditions. The spread ideological load is also expected to be powerful and to specify its filters and capes. The bulk of the media interpretations will need some more forceful material: shields, for example. The enthusiasm already overflows the waves and the networks.

Almost simultaneously, the square will open wide with the LGTBI Pride party, in a particularly intolerant context after far-right machismo and homophobia have rearmed. They are already in governments. By the way, the ineffable government of Castilla y León staged a protest against what they insist on calling “intrafamily violence” and only they came, 5 people. They were left alone. But they have power. Like in Madrid. See this intervention in the Madrid Assembly of a Vox deputy who, between laughter and contempt, describes the sexual orientation of the interlocutor as a contracted disease: people “with” LGTBI. The response of Eduardo Rubiño (Más Madrid) was followed with a disgusted face by the Family Counselor (PP), Concepción Dancausa.

If they were perceptive, foreign visitors to the NATO Summit would notice an assortment of look several running through the city ready to attack with their strength and diverse reasons as the Spanish cliché marks. The reality is simpler: they attack, they flee, they defend themselves. Of reason, often.

One of the least intelligent animals, primitive, crude but majestic, heavy and yet agile. Mythical symbol since ancient times of the entire Mediterranean culture, only in our country remains rooted in daily life. In the promotion of an atavistic and retrograde Spain. That even dedicates more public resources to the PP administrations than to fundamental services.

I personally learned a lot from the bull in one of the two reports with which I said goodbye to TVE’s Weekly Report, forced by an ERE like 4,000 other colleagues. It was on my initiative, looking for origins in the inexplicable and as a counterpart to swallowing the other: a birthday of Juan Carlos I. The hard experience of trying to escape in slight loopholes to the honor and praise of the character in his biography, imposed even then, leaves a long-term blush. Something is something, you tell yourself. Those almost epic feats that consisted of placing Alfonso Guerra, vice president, saying NO to NATO, in the report that would have been wanted to support the yes in the referendum. Like Juan Tortosa did. It was the first great return of González’s PSOE jacket. And there was the corduroy left.

María del Monte comes out of the LGTBI closet, brave, after her mother dies. Evidencing the decades of concealment of the truth that today the forces of Evil want to reproduce. So many taboos, suffering, love deep down. NATO, armored and the commitment to “invest in Defense to invest in peace, freedom and security”, says Minister Margarita Robles. .

In the meadow, a few meters from the bulls that were walking calmly, the Miura brothers, in charge of a ranch founded in 1842 that gives a generic name to the brave bulls, told me that they only fight, like all animals, for power in the pack. Another thing and very different is when they arrive scared to the strange space of the square: the reaction to seeing themselves cornered and attacked. Symbol of virility (as transferred from species), they never mate with a cow, however. The task of reproduction is entrusted to stallions and cows chosen for their characteristics.

The bull emerged from the sea, according to Greek legend. He kidnapped Europa and fathered a monster with Pasifae: the Minotaur. Locked in his labyrinth, he ate lives in sacrifice…until Theseus arrived. Today, yesterday, when he was away, the Torico de Teruel was exchanged from bronze to iron. Little more needs to be explained.