Sunday, May 22

The Traffic news that comes into force this Monday: limit to overtaking and more punishment for using the mobile

This Monday, March 21, the new Traffic Law comes into force. The norm was approved without votes against in the Congress of Deputies on December 2 of last year and begins to work after three months published in the State official newsletter. The new regulations affect the points card, overtaking speed, the driving school system and even electric scooters.

X-ray of the homicide at the wheel: male, Spanish, in his mid-thirties and a heavy consumer of alcohol

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safe overtaking. Until now, traffic regulations gave the possibility of exceeding the speed limit of a conventional road by 20 km/h to overtake. Before, with the 90km/h limit, the car could go 110km/h during overtaking but with the new regulations this is prohibited. PP and Vox were against this measure.

The mobile behind the wheel. Some recklessness at the wheel will be more expensive. Using the mobile at the wheel will be punished with the loss of six points from the license, twice as much as before, although the fine remains at 200 euros. Not wearing a seat belt or child restraint system will be penalized with four points, one point more than before. Throwing an object onto the road that could cause an accident or a fire will cost six points on the card, two more than before.

How to recover points? One way to recover lost points after committing infractions will be to take voluntary safe driving courses certified by the DGT, although they will be developed by a ministerial order. According to the Government, these courses “are consolidating as a good practice and provide additional training for drivers, but it is not the only way: the balance of 12 points can be recovered if no offenses are committed in two years. You can also take a 12-hour awareness course to recover up to six points.

electric scooters. In recent years the streets of many Spanish cities have been filled with electric scooters. As of this Monday, the new Law removes these vehicles from sidewalks and pedestrian areas and establishes the use of helmets as mandatory. Another part of the regulation prohibits a minor from driving any type of vehicle after having consumed any amount of alcohol, a prohibition that also affects bicycles and scooters. Sanctions remain in the hands of local authorities.

overtaking a cyclist. The new regulations establish that dangerously overtaking a cyclist less than 1.5 meters will cost six points on the license, two points more than before. If the road you are driving on has two or more lanes in each direction, it is mandatory to change lanes to overtake someone who is riding a bicycle. Parking or parking in a bike lane will also have a fine of 200 euros.

Detect and inhibit radars. Carrying a mechanism that warns of the position of a traffic surveillance system is still allowed, such as Google Maps, but it is absolutely prohibited to carry radar or speedometer inhibitors off or on “or any other instruments aimed at evading or interfering with traffic.” proper functioning of traffic surveillance systems. Nor can they carry “radar detection mechanisms or cinemometers”.

Cheat on exam. Taking a look at the exam of the neighbor in the theory can be very expensive. The new regulation establishes a fine of 500 euros for those who cheat on driving tests, also using intercom devices. In addition to the fine, the applicant will not be able to take the theoretical exam again in the next six months. Driving schools, for their part, will be able to teach classes online but must have at least one physical establishment.

talk on the bike. The new Traffic Law authorizes certified or approved wireless devices in the helmet to talk or navigate “as long as it does not affect driving safety”.