Wednesday, December 7

The “trans resistance” cries out for the immediate approval of the trans law

The “trans resistance” has returned to the streets of Madrid this Saturday to loudly demand the approval of the so-called ‘trans law’. Protesters of all ages and from different parts of Spain have encouraged the march on Gran Vía shouting “if there is no trans law, there will be trans fury” and “trans law now”. The Trans Platform Federation called the demonstration to demonstrate the collective’s outrage with a part of the socialist party for the continuous delays in the approval of the law. “We are fed up that the PSOE is making trouble”, said the president of the Federation, Mar Cambrollé, before the start of the march. “It is a law that has been in the offices of the PSOE for many years, that they know all the details and that is below European standards.”

Carla Antonelli: “There were no problems with gender self-determination in the PSOE until Podemos brought Equality”

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The parade -which started after six in the afternoon from Plaza Pedro Zerolo, an iconic place for the LGTBI community- has traveled through the center of Madrid between the curiosity and indifference of the people on the sidewalks of Gran Vías until reaching Callao square. The police have estimated that some 1,500 people have taken part in the demonstration, while the organizers spoke of more than 2,000 participants.

This October, the month of trans visibility, the LGTBI associations have returned to the streets after the PSOE requested on Tuesday a new extension of the term for amendments to the ‘trans law’, receiving the support of the PP and Voz en la Mesa del Congress. An action that caused the group to declare the PSOE “non grata party”, and that has had consequences even among the ranks of the political group. The former deputy of the Madrid Assembly Carla Antonelli, the first trans deputy in Spain, requested that same day her removal from the socialist party, which had been her home for years.

“Here is the trans fury”, the demonstrators have shouted in chorus at the end of the demonstration in the Plaza de Callao. “We are a fury that has no hatred, that does not want violence. We have nothing to lose, but a lot to gain”, Cambrollé claimed. “This is why we tell the Socialist Party that we are not going to put up with any more delays to our rights.”

The organizations and groups have wanted to make it clear that the “trans resistance” is going to fight “at all costs” for the approval of the law that includes their rights. “We have spent the entire legislature with this law, they are making us dizzy from so much delaying the deadlines. We will stay in the streets and we will not abandon the protest until we have our demands,” says Natalia Aventin, spokesperson for the Euforia Familias Trans-Aliadas collective.

Alicia (15 years old) came from Galicia with her parents. She told them two years ago that she was a girl, and since then she has participated with her family in all the demonstrations in favor of the trans law. “Many do not understand that it is not something that is chosen, my daughter was born that way,” says María Cavanillas as she holds a blue, pink and white flag in her hands. “She is lucky to live in a friendly environment and with people who love her, but trans people have to fight against discrimination on a daily basis.”

“Against fascism, trans law now”, quoted the banner with which the march began, a claim against threats and acts of violence towards the group. “The hate speech that we have to suffer on a daily basis is intolerable. They attack in a very aggressive way the families of trans people and minors”, denounces Aventin.

“I am here for my boy, who is trans. Reality for them is shit”, says Nevra Bardo (17 years old) without filters. She walks hand in hand with Dani Fernández (20 years old), who in turn claims to be on the street for “all those who need it more” than him. “I have been struggling with this for years. But there are many people who are more sensitive and need the protection of the law. It is a shame that they continue to complain, ”she says.

The Socialists would not be proposing in any of the amendments that they will present that the right to gender self-determination be modified, one of the points most criticized by part of the PSOE and the feminist movement. The norm establishes that from the age of 16 any trans person will be able to change the registration mention of sex in the registry without having to undergo therapy treatments, as was necessary until now.

“Our identity is not your opinion,” quoted one of the banners. María González, mother of a seven-year-old trans girl, couldn’t agree more: “My daughter has known that she is a woman since she was two years old. She always spoke of herself as a girl, “says González, who came with her daughter from León to demonstrate in Madrid this Saturday. “I think it is essential. We have waited too long to recognize the rights of trans people.”

At the end of the demonstration, the organizers have again warned the PSOE that if next Tuesday there will be another request to extend the term of amendments to the law, the Platform will convene “days of trans struggle” throughout Spain, with protests before the party headquarters.