Wednesday, September 27

The trend grows: another official chooses to collect his salary in bitcoin

Christophe De Beukelaer, representative of the Humanist Democratic Center (cdH) party in the Belgian Parliament, announced on his official Twitter account that he will start receiving his salary in bitcoin (BTC). The trend started last year with the mayors of Miami and New York, Francis Suarez and Eric Adams.

The Belgian legislator gave details about his initiative, explaining that his salary of 5,500 euros will be converted into BTC by the Bit4You exchange. De Beukelaer stressed that he is the first European politician to join the trend, and stated that his goal is highlight cryptocurrencies.

“Thanks to Eric Adams for the inspiration. Just as it does with New York in the United States, I want Brussels to become the leading city in Europe for blockchain, crypto and web3, the Belgian wrote on Twitter. And I add: “In 2022 I will be working on this”.

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On the other hand, De Beukelaer urged the national government to strengthen the crypto ecosystem in his country and to stimulate its development in the European region.

It is a political issue, too long left to the technocrats.

Wake up eco and political actors. American and Asian giants are investing heavily in crypto. And the EU? Will we still wake up in 10 years and find out we missed the boat? Centralized trade finance is not going away. These two worlds must cooperate.”assured the parliamentarian.


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