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The trick to take advantage of the remains of the soap bar, and make it last much longer!

If you thought that those soap residues (that is, the solid pieces of bar that you can no longer grasp) are worth nothing, you may be wrong. It is enough to go around the Internet or ask our grandmothers to know that there are different ways to squeeze them, and to make that bar of soap last much longer than you thought.

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1. Use a bag, and make yourself a sponge for the shower

First: you can gather all the solid soap scraps, and put them in a cotton mesh bag. Tie the cord and voila: you already have a sponge loaded with soap ready to use in your next shower. In fact, you can also use a sponge bag for soap (they sell them with that name or similar), itself.

In both cases, the mechanism is the same: once wet, you can rub it over the skin as you would with any other sponge; and thus squeeze the pieces of pill that you thought useless for several more weeks.

If you told your grandmother, she probably wouldn’t be surprised. Long before soap bags were actually on the market, they used torn stockings for similar purposes. You just need to trim the end of the sock, fill it with your pieces of soap, knot it and hang it from the shower bar (so it does not accumulate moisture). And now you can take advantage of it, exactly as you would with any other sponge. [Hace unas semanas te contamos otras formas curiosas de aprovechar unas medias agujereadas.]

2. Use the bag of garlic: and make yourself a scouring pad!

Don’t have a cotton mesh bag? No problem. A bag of garlic (they are usually made of net) will do the trick for you. The logic is the same: put your pieces of bar of soap inside, close or tie, and you have your invention ready. As the material is not so fine, in this case, you can use your bag loaded with soap as a scouring pad to clean the dishes.

3. Make a new bar of soap with the pieces

Those pieces of soap that no one can grab can be quite annoying. But when it comes to a pill you like, it’s a shame to throw them away. Instead, you can let the soap pieces dry, and store them (dry) in an airtight bag or container, for example, inside a lunch box.

When you have enough pieces, grate them until you get a kind of flake or soap shavings. A simple kitchen grater, even a potato peeler, will do this job. Pour your soap shavings into a saucepan or small bowl, and add a little water. The amount of water is an estimate, but you don’t need a lot: it is enough to be able to soften the chips, and make a paste with them.

Put the bowl with the chips and water in the microwave for about 30 seconds. And mix the result with the help of a wooden spoon. Then microwave again for another 30 seconds. And mix again. It is about repeating the whole process until you achieve a doughy and soft dough. And we already have everything to prepare our soap! [Aquí te contamos cómo limpiar y restaurar tus tablas y cucharas de madera de la cocina].

You can also add a few drops of the essential oil that you like the most: lavender works great, but the scent of lemon and even a touch of eucalyptus or mint can also be very pleasant. It only remains to pour the mixture into a silicone or metal mold to make muffins (you can add a little coconut or olive oil before, so that it does not stick), and let it cool.

Or reuse a container that you have in the recycling bag, such as a chopped milk carton (you will get a bar of soap, which you can then chop up) or a plastic container, such as yogurt. There is no limit: you can shape your new bar of soap to your liking!

Of course, the soap will need about a week to dry completely, but the wait will have been worth it.

4. Make yourself a liquid soap!

Another very simple idea, and the technique is similar to that described above to make a new bar of soap from the remains. The only thing is that you have to add a little more water (after all, you want it liquid) and you can include a little glycerin (they sell it in any craft store) to make the result more viscous.

Otherwise: the process is the same. The idea is to mix and melt with the help of the microwave. When you get the desired consistency, let it cool, pour into a container with a dispenser, and that’s it!

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