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The trip back to Earth is like a car crash | Digital Trends Spanish

Being an astronaut is possibly the dream of many people, however the profession is far from easy or as glamorous as it is believed in light of space travel and images of astronauts moving without gravity. This is revealed by a former NASA astronaut, who says that a trip back to Earth is like “a series of car accidents.”

Jack fisher He retired from NASA a few years ago, but one of his achievements was going up to the International Space Station, where he stayed for more than four months until September 2017. And on the anniversary of his return, he posted a series of videos on those that show a less conspicuous side of space travel.

I caught a ride back to Earth, courtesy of the Soyuz, 4 years ago today. Some astronauts compare it to a series of car crashes… and I wouldn & # 39; t disagree 😵

& mdash; Jack Fischer (@ Astro2fish) September 3, 2021

In another video, Fisher shows what is seen through the window of the ship as it enters and passes through Earth’s atmosphere. In this video, you can see the speed at which the vehicle is moving:

I came home from space 4 years ago this week, and if you & # 39; ve ever wondered what it looks like when you travel through this atmosphere -here you go😳#Landaversary

& mdash; Jack Fischer (@ Astro2fish) August 31, 2021

It is known that astronauts are subjected to harsh training in their preparation period and only those who overcome them are considered fit to travel to space. This training can last up to eight years and includes demanding physical tests and simulations in hyperbaric or underwater chambers to emulate an environment without gravity.

However, after those tests, there are rewards that, according to Jack Fisher, offer a perspective that can even change the world. For example, this image of the devastating Hurricane Harvey, which looks very different from space than what was perceived on Earth.

I wish I could give everyone on Earth the gift of seeing our home from space. I took this photo of Hurricane Harvey, one of the most devastating in recent history, but from above it’s quiet and beautiful. The incredible perspective that spaceflight offers could change the world.

& mdash; Jack Fischer (@ Astro2fish) August 26, 2021

It would be interesting to know what millionaires who have recently completed tourist trips to the atmosphere think about reentry to Earth, although these are not considered space travel as such.

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