Wednesday, May 18

The turnover of companies grows 27.6% in November and adds nine months to the rise

The turnover of Spanish companies increased by 27.6% in November compared to the same month of 2020, expanding the rise registered in October by 10.2 points, according to the Business Turnover Index (ICNE) published this Tuesday by the Statistics National Institute (OTHER).

With this rebound, the sales of companies chain nine consecutive months of year-on-year increases after having spent a year in negative due to the impact of covid. In addition, all sectors presented positive interannual rates in November, especially energy and water supply, which increased its sales by 109.4%, and non-financial market services, which increased their turnover by 27.4% compared to the same month of last year. They are followed by commerce and industry, with year-on-year rises of 22.9% and 19.1%, respectively.

Adjusted for seasonal and calendar effects, company turnover increased by 26.5% in November, a rate 7.8 points higher than that of October. The biggest rallies in the corrected series were also for the power and water supply (+112.8%) and the services (+26.9%), followed by Commerce (+22%) and the industry (+17,7%).

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In monthly values ​​(November over October) and again within the corrected series, business turnover grew by 6.8%, its highest monthly increase of the year. With this increase in the monthly rate, 4.2 points higher than the previous month, seven consecutive months of monthly rises have now been chained.

All the sectors analyzed presented positive monthly rates in November, with the supply of electricity once again in the lead (+10.8%). They are followed by industry (+7.6%); trade, which increased its sales by 5.6%, and services, which increased by 4.4%.