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The two mandatory apps that you must download if you go to Qatar 2022 | Digital Trends Spanish

Next November 20, when the start of the Qatar soccer world cup 2022many tourists from different parts of the globe will arrive in the Asian country.

And the fans must already take into account that in Qatar there will be at least two applications that they must download and use in an almost mandatory way. They are called Ehteraz (“caution”) and Hayya (“Let’s go”). What are they about?

Etheraz: how do you explain in NRKEhteraz is a COVID-19 tracking application, it is developed by the Ministry of Interior of Qatar, request access to read, delete or change all the contents of the mobile, as well as being able to connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, in addition to having priority over other applications and preventing the mobile from going into sleep mode. Not only that: it also asks for access to location, making calls and disabling the screen lock.

Have now: It is the official application of the World Cup that is used to also access the Qatar metro for free and to track tickets for matches.

It asks you for access to share your personal information without restrictions, as well as access to the location or mobile network connections. The privacy policy indicates —without giving importance, curiously— that the data is also transferred without a secure connection and it is not possible to request that our data be deleted.

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