Wednesday, November 29

The ultra-Catholic right protests in Madrid against the abortion law: “Enough is enough”

Hundreds of people participate this Sunday in a demonstration in Madrid to protest the abortion law approved by the Government. The leadership of Vox has joined the march, with Santiago Abascal at the helm, there are also representatives of the PP, such as the general secretary of the popular Madrid, Alfonso Serrano.

The conservative offensive ends the national protection of the right to abortion in the US

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“This Sunday I will attend the demonstration in defense of life and truth that will be held in Madrid. Given the promotion of the culture of death by the Government of Pedro Sánchez and his partners, the defense of the ‘yes to life’ is more necessary than ever”, Abascal pointed out through this social network. The PP senator Javier Puente has also confirmed his attendance.

Although the march was convened more than two weeks ago, the decision of the Supreme Court of the United States, known this Friday, to revoke the sentence that guaranteed the right to abortion in that country gives wings to the organizers of this march.

One of the spokespersons for the march, who participated in the press conference in which the march was called, Juan Carlos Corvera, president of Educatio Servanda, points out that this demonstration has not been called due to the abortion situation in the US. Even so, he indicates the decision of the North American court “shows that the abortion debate is still alive”. “We must look at other countries that have been around for a long time and are rethinking things that are underway here,” he says.

The event has started at noon in the Glorieta de Bilbao and will end in one of the favorite enclaves of the Madrid right, the Plaza de Colón. Attendees will walk the streets of Sagasta and Génova, and will pass in front of the headquarters of the popular.

The bishops have also encouraged their faithful to mobilize “in favor of life” and some of their dioceses -such as Alcalá de Henares, Getafe and Valencia- have published the call for this demonstration on their web pages.

The march is headed by Neos, a platform promoted by former Interior Minister Jaime Mayor Oreja. In addition, the Assembly for Life, Liberty and Dignity and the Platform Every Life Matters are part of the promoting organizations.

The ultra-Catholic lobby HazteOir has also joined the call. In an act held this Saturday, its president, Ignacio Arsuaga, recalled the US decision. “The victory of the pro-lifers in the US encourages us, the Spanish pro-lifers, to demand that the Constitutional Court declare abortion unconstitutional,” he pointed out.