Sunday, December 10

The ultra entity that tries to stop the withdrawal of the Francoist cross from Castelló is now going for the winning company

The Spanish Foundation of Christian Lawyers has thrown all the meat on the grill to try to prevent the removal of the Francoist cross from the Ribalta park in Castelló and its subsequent delivery to the bishopric. The ultra-conservative entity, which has tried to recuse the judge who lays down the resources, is going after the company awarded the works. Thus, ‘Christian Lawyers’ has expanded its initial complaint for an alleged crime of prevarication with the alleged aggravating circumstance of discrimination for religious reasons against the mayor Pilar Escuder alluding to the “inability of the winning company to proceed with the withdrawal with the guarantees required the legal situation”.

An ultra entity files a lawsuit against the Councilor for Culture of Castelló for the dismantling of the Francoist cross in Ribalta

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The extension of the complaint maintains that Solaris Purgaret SL, the firm awarded the work to remove the cross, “was created on July 2, 2021 and the concession was made a few months later, with no further activity from the company”. . In addition, it considers that the company’s headquarters is “fictitious”. The address apparently houses a coworking “found”, according to ‘Christian Lawyers’, “to give credibility to the company”.

The ultra entity chaired by the lawyer Poland Castellanos has provided a recording, of which it does not give more information, in which an unidentified person comments that notifications from the Treasury and letters from a bank entity arrive at that address in Castelló. The text of the extension of the complaint provides a series of unconfirmed conclusions: “It cannot be located at the address it offers; what’s more, it gives the feeling of little less than a shell company, ”she points out. “Apparently the Treasury is having the same problems locating the company and its manager,” she adds. Thus, she concludes that “the large number of notifications from the Treasury suggest some type of non-payment with it.”

‘Abogados Cristianos’ also questions the suitability of the firm, which obtained the highest score in the bidding process. “It is not logical that a company whose purpose is the preparation of land is going to carry out demolition work and transfer of the cross without it suffering any damage, especially given its lack of travel in the sector, since its constitution was in July 2021”, reads the extension of the complaint. The Christian Lawyers Foundation concludes that the company Solaris Purgaret SL “is unable to contract with any public administration”.

The ultra entity has even reviewed other companies of the successful bidder in the Mercantile Registry. Thus, the other firm (which has nothing to do with the works of the cross in the Ribalta park in Castelló) has “an incident with the Social Security of Valencia that led to an infraction report”.

The foundation chaired by the lawyer Poland Castellano has launched a judicial offensive before the start of works for the transfer of the Francoist monument and its delivery to the Bishopric of Segorbe-Castelló. In addition to the lawsuit against the councilor Pilar Escuder, the ultra-conservative entity has tried to recuse the head of the Contentious Administrative Court number 1 of Castelló, alluding to “more than reasonable indications of compromised judicial impartiality.” This is the magistrate who has knocked down the resources of ‘Christian Lawyers’ on the Francoist cross and the attempted kidnapping of LGTBI-themed books for the educational centers of Castelló.