Thursday, July 7

The ultra that threatened to execute Pedro Sánchez agrees with the Prosecutor’s Office a sentence of two years in prison and a course of equality

Eduardo MS, a 51-year-old ultra tweeter accused of a hate crime for having made threats on Twitter against Pedro Sánchez, has agreed with the prosecutor to serve only two years in prison, conditional on not committing a crime during that period and attending a course in terms of equality, in addition to a fine of 480 euros. The hearing has not even been held —two agents of the National Police appeared electronically as witnesses— as an agreement has been reached.

The hate crimes prosecutor initially requested a three-year prison sentence for the messages on Twitter with threats against the Prime Minister after the Executive’s decision to exhume the remains of dictator Francisco Franco from the Valley of the Fallen.

“Expressions of propaganda, promotion and justification of hatred based on intolerance, and incitement to violence,” states the indictment of the Public Ministry.

“It is easy to kill Sánchez”

“I proclaim here on Twitter that if Pedro Sanchez that red bastard takes Franco out, I will kill him, Franco will come out of his grave but Pedro Sanchez will enter another,” he wrote on the social network, among other messages in a similar tone, according to the public accusation.

The man, an orderly from the Consell Jurídic Consultiu, blurted out from the profile “@stuka1937”: “It is easy to kill Sanchez, it is just looking for the moment similar to when the shameless man hit Rajoy but instead of hitting, shot at point-blank range”. In addition to the equality course and the fine, Eduardo MS must also bear the costs.

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