Saturday, October 16

The ultras of the ‘Curva Nord’ of Valencia CF announce their dissolution before the trial for the attacks on October 9

On the eve of October 9 and with the imminent opening of the oral trial for the brutal attacks in the march four years ago, the Curva Nord of Valencia CF, a group of hooligans heir to the Yomus, has suddenly announced its dissolution. The board of the controversial group has announced the dissolution on its Twitter account, “completely ceasing” its activity. The message has been transmitted on the social network in a bilingual version and with a normative Valencian that contrasts with the thesis of linguistic secessionism defended by the ultras. The website is already deactivated.

The official dissolution of the Curva Nord occurs when the order to open the oral trial for the brutal attacks on October 9, 2017 is about to fall, as announced by the prosecution. The 28 prosecuted ultras face sentences of between five and 11 years in prison for the beatings of protesters and journalists. The judge investigating the case investigated the Ultras Yomus as an “illicit association”, as reported by this newspaper.

The club’s board of directors has already managed to expel Yomus, the historic ultra group that populated the Mestalla field, from the stands. The Curva Nord, which declared itself apolitical and peaceful, was created in 2012 after the merger of Yomus, the Gol Gran club and the incorporation of hundreds of young people simply wanting to cheer on their team.

However, its then president, Javier Cervera, was forced to resign for being present at the counter-demonstration on October 9, despite stating that he did not participate in the attacks.

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