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The UN calls for freedom for a Spanish woman detained in a Chavista prison




In case of Mary Help of Christians Delgado Tabosky (46 years old), one of the Spaniards that Chavismo keeps imprisoned in the General Directorate of Military Counterintelligence (DGCIM), has once again aroused the concern of the UN Human Rights Council. The Working Group on Arbitrary Detention has analyzed again the situation of this Hispanic-Venezuelan woman with a Spanish passport, who has been in the dungeons of the intelligence center with her husband for almost three years, Juan Carlos Marrufo Capozzi (49 years old), a retired military man of Italian nationality.

The decision of the Working Group was reflected in a report of January 2022, since the case of the couple is one of those investigated in relation to arbitrary detention in Venezuela

. “In the view of the Working Group, this amounts to a systematic practice of depriving people of their liberty without respecting the rights enshrined in international law. Widespread or systematic imprisonment or other serious deprivation of liberty may constitute crimes against humanity.

The couple was in their home, located in the Venezuelan state of Carabobo, in the center of the country, when they were arrested and sent to prison in March 2019 for alleged conspiracy. In October of that same year they were released after receiving a permit from the DGCIM. But a counterorder of the Special Actions Forces (FAES) he took them back to jail with new crimes: terrorism, treason, conspiracy to commit a crime, frustrated homicide, intentional homicide classified as executed with treachery and futile and ignoble motives.

No judicial rights

«The case of María Auxiliadora Delgado Tabosky and her husband is that of two people who have not had the right to trial or defense. The decision of the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention establishes thate arrests may constitute crimes against humanity and that is related to the investigation carried out by the International Criminal Court Prosecutor’s Office,” Alfredo Romero, lawyer and director of Foro Penal, a local organization that provides legal assistance to people arbitrarily detained and has dealt with the case of Delgado Tabosky, explained to ABC. and that of Marrufo Capozzi, as well as that of the other 242 political prisoners in the country.

During his first visit to Venezuela last November, the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), Karim Khan, announced that the organization is going to investigate the Chavista regime. for possible crimes against humanity, according to complaints from victims and non-governmental organizations, such as Foro Penal.

The marriage has suffered delays in the judicial process. “It’s three years without a sentence,” a person close to the couple told this medium, who preferred not to identify himself to avoid reprisals against the family. Both Delgado Tabosky and Marrufo Capozzi are at the headquarters of the DGCIM, in Caracas, but in separate cells. “His health conditions have worsened during this time. María Auxiliadora is hypertensive and Juan Carlos too, and they have also had other problems due to thyroid nodules and their kidneys, “he said.

“Maria Auxiliadora recently tested positive for coronavirus and asked her guardians to transfer her to a clinic because i was spewing bloody phlegm, but they denied it. She insisted so much that they took her to a clinic two days later and in the consultation they diagnosed her with Covid, “added the source. The spouses have received at least one vaccine against the disease, ABC learned.

The source also explained that the two political prisoners have had suicidal thoughts and have suffered psychological torture. “The mere fact that there is a criminal procedural delay and are in a place where they are harassed is worrying […] They spent four months without seeing the light, they heard screams and lived through the worst moments of the DGCIM. They want to be released because they are innocent. And there are two UN reports that confirm his case is a crime against humanity and that the ICC must intervene. We request the immediate release of both.

The family of the detainees demands speed in the case and considers that the courts and the Attorney General’s Office have dirty their files to lengthen the process and keep them in prison. The relatives, like Foro Penal, have asked the Maduro regime to abide by the UN measures.

Opacity in Spain

In Venezuela there are four Spanish citizens detained for political reasons. Spain has opaquely exposed the cases and there are few mentions of the situation of citizens with dual nationality, which they languish in the depressing cells that are controlled by the chavista leadership. The names that make up the list of Foro Penal are María Auxiliadora Delgado Tabosky, Ángela Lisbeth Expósito Carrillo (56 years old), Jorge Henrique Alayeto Bigott (48 years old) and Francisco Javier Gorriño Fernández (67 years old), although the latter is under house arrest. .

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Arancha González Laya said on several occasions that the way out of the political crisis in Venezuela “must include the full release of all political prisoners and respect for human rights». However, to be a political prisoner in the regime is to be in the shadow of the judicial system.

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