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The UN demands that Cuba search for 187 enforced disappearances during the wave of protests



The United Nations Committee against Enforced Disappearance has forwarded to the Permanent Representative of Cuba to the UN the request for “urgent action regarding the alleged forced disappearance of 187 people.” This was confirmed, through a letter this Thursday to Javier Larrondo, President of Prisoners Defenders (PD), an NGO that a day before had asked the international body to carry out said “urgent action” after documenting the disappearances that occurred “after police or para-police arrest or kidnapping, both in the peaceful demonstrations of the 11 days. , July 12 and 13 as at their homes.

The UN thus echoes the report sent by PD, according to which in the framework of protests and social mobilizations, «Hundreds of people have been detained or intercepted by security forces in more than 15 cities »in Cuba. Said persons had no contact with their next of kin and there was no official documentation on their whereabouts. “In all the cases, relatives and close friends of the disappeared persons have requested information about their whereabouts from the police without obtaining a response,” PD maintains.

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Thus, the Committee against Enforced Disappearance requires “in application of Article 30 of the Convention,” urgent action by the Government of Cuba to adopt all necessary measures “to search and locate the 187 missing persons“And” protect his life and personal integrity, in accordance with his conventional obligations. “

On the assumption that the 187 people are not disappeared but are deprived of liberty, the UN requests that they “be able to communicate with their family, lawyer or any other person of their choice” and receive their visit. Likewise, the «identification of the perpetrators of the alleged forced disappearance “, and the” participation of the next of kin “in the process of searching and investigating the disappeared persons.

Finally, the UN letter, signed by Ibrahim Salama, Head of the Human Rights Treaties Branch, insisting that the Committee “will continue its efforts” to collaborate with the Cuban Government “as long as the fate and whereabouts of the 187 disappeared persons have not been clarified.”

According to the report sent by PD to the UN, in none of the 187 documented cases “had a detention been issued with the necessary requirements, whereabouts information and formal information in writing to relatives and relatives of their criminal and physical situation,” he says. the NGO.

Javier Larrondo congratulated yesterday on the request of the UN Committee, “a body in the world that demands that Cuba not commit crimes against humanity.”

The list of disappearances sent by PD to the UN includes, among other names, those of dissident José Daniel Ferrer García and his son, José Daniel Ferrer Cantillo; the artist Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara, the journalist Camila Acosta Rodríguez, ABC correspondent in Cuba and collaborator with Cubanet; dissident Guillermo Fariñas Hernández, as well as activists Félix Navarro Rodríguez and Roilan Zarraga Ferrer.

The independent media Cubanet reported this Thursday of the release of two of its collaborators, Niober García Fournier and Rolando Rodríguez Lobaina, after spending more than two days in detention in Guantánamo province for covering protests against the regime.

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