Sunday, December 10

The UN nuclear organization arrives in Zaporizhia on a mission that will last “a few days”

The team of 14 experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency arrived in the city of Zaporizhia on Wednesday, where they will spend the night before visiting the plant on Thursday, according to The Reuters news agency reportedwhich has a journalist following the UN nuclear agency.

“The mission will last a few days,” declared Rafael Grossi, director of the organization, before journalists at the city hotel. “If we manage to establish a permanent presence or a continuous presence, then it will take a long time, but this first part will take a few days.”

However, Yevgeny Balitsky, director of the occupied regional administration appointed by Russia, has stated that “the program of the visit is designed for one day.” “They must see the work of the plant in one day. They have to go out in the evening before nightfall.” has added in statements to the Interfax agency.

The nuclear plant, the largest in Europe and which at full capacity supplied 20% of Ukraine’s electricity, has been controlled by Russian forces since the first weeks of the invasion. Both parties to the conflict accuse each other of launching attacks on the plant and its surroundings.

“We have a very important mission: to assess the situation there and help stabilize it as much as we can,” said Grossi, who also assured that he has guarantees from both parties to enter the war zone.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Rudenko has not ruled out the possibility of establishing a permanent mission at the plant. “Let us first see the first results of his presence there. They (the IAEA experts) have not even reached the place yet. But that is not ruled out, “he said in statements collected by Interfax.