Wednesday, July 6

The UN recognizes Joseph’s legitimacy as Prime Minister of Haiti and praises his commitment to the elections



The UN Special Representative for Haiti, Helen La Lime, has recognized this Thursday the legitimacy of the interim prime minister, Claude joseph, to lead the Caribbean nation after the assassination of the president, Jovenel Moise, and has praised their willingness to hold elections next September.

La Lime has stated that Joseph is committed “to dialogue and to continue a process to carry out elections according to the electoral calendar envisaged by President Moise, “he said according to a United Nations press release.

Regarding the assassination, La Lime has called to “make every effort” to bring this case to justice and explained that the Haitian authorities are in charge of the investigations. “It is too soon to comment on exactly what happened and the circumstances surrounding this abominable act of violence, “he said, although he indicated that the UN would provide assistance.

Likewise, it has declared that the Security Council has held a meeting in which it has discussed Haiti’s request to provide “security assistance” to the country in the face of the crisis it is experiencing, and has recognized that there are differences between the members of the body, although it has explained that the Haitian authorities must specifywhat kind of assistance they request.

Different interpretations

“Certainly there are tensions, certainly there are people on all sides of this issue who have different interpretations; that is why it is important that a dialogue takes place and that the Haitian authorities and Haitian stakeholders tthey engage in a dialogue to trace a way forward, “he considered.

“Our message is that stakeholders must put their differences aside”

On the other hand, he assured that the UN is working “very hard and very closely” so that all parties “remain united.” “Our message is that stakeholders must put aside their differences, chart a common path forward and overcome this difficult time peacefully,” he added.

The UN will take key action

“We really have to work in the most effective way to make sure that this investigation progresses and that is exactly what we intend to do,” he added, in addition to announcing that in the coming weeks will take key action to cover the situation in Haiti.

Haiti plans to hold its legislative and presidential elections next September 26, in addition to holding a referendum. A few days before his death, Moise had appointed as Prime Minister Ariel Henry, a former head of the Interior who was entrusted, among other tasks, with “solving the flagrant problem of insecurity and supporting the Electoral Council in holding the general elections and the referendum.”

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