Sunday, October 17

The uncivilized right

Let us abandon all hope of having a modern, liberal and civilized right in Spain. Let us resign ourselves to the ultra-conservative and ultra-nationalist, authoritarian and illiberal, uncivilized and war-civilist right wing. The right of all the life of God. The PP of Aznar that comes from Fraga, the Franco regime and beyond. The ultramontana right that shoots to the mount. There is no room for moderate and modernizing centrism. Even those who have called themselves centrists have ended up succumbing to that centralist right, immoderate and loud. The right that wants to impose its Spain on the other half.

The PP convention to the greater glory of Pablo Casado has made it clear that the right that is coming is the right of always dressed in fashionable populism, a right between Trumpism and Francoism, between Ayuso and Abascal. In his deranged closing speech, which was more of an end-of-campaign rally, the popular leader imitated Vox in tone, volume and song. He attacked abortion and euthanasia, historical memory and feminism and said that it will destroy everything that the left is building, not because it has a better plan but because the enemy has done it. There is not a single idea in Casado, only revenge that cuts this country in two.

His delusions of grandeur, like stupidity, have no limits or know the shame of others. Loudly he explained that the world owes us Spaniards Hispanidad, “the most important event of humanity after Romanization”, that Spain owes the PP the end of ETA (although they did not govern then) and that the right Spanish is part of the political family that ended the Berlin Wall. The right wing tries to win the culture war with ignorance.

Married does not know how to resemble Ayuso and Abascal, the advantageous children of Aznarism before whom he feels clearly inferior. That is why they point to the coarse imperialism and civil warfare of the Madrid president, the ultra leader and the founding father. This is the right that awaits us, among those four horsemen of the Apocalypse, a revanchist, cocky, tense and reactionary right. A right that is not only ashamed of its ignorance, nor of its corruption. Married, who started his tour claiming Rajoy and Sarkozy, ended up in Valencia claiming Barberá and inviting Francisco Camps. Symbols of the Gürtel, the Bárcenas papers, black money, waste and illegal financing.

The PP considers corruption to be amortized, which is the best way for corruption to continue. Casado’s solution against the corrupt members of his party is not to talk about them, while still inviting them to his parties. The PP has not been refounded nor is it going to be refounded. For not changing, they have not even changed headquarters, as announced. There is no hope of change on the right. From the UCD and CDS to Ciudadanos and UPyD, all attempts to modernize and civilize it end in disappearance and the extreme right. They end up like Vargas Llosa at the convention, saying that there are people who “vote badly.”

It is melancholy to listen to a conservative, moderate and cultured liberal like García Margallo, who contested Casado for the presidency, to discuss intelligently and calmly with Carmen Calvo and Pablo Iglesias on SER every Monday. That right cannot be. Neither is a progressive liberal. Here even liberalism was born from the hand of the monarchy. The third Spain is not possible. The uncivil and uncivilized right won the war not only against the Reds, but also against the Liberals, and they continue to believe that power and the country belong to them.

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