Wednesday, October 27

The unions ask the Government to raise the minimum and non-contributory pensions more than the rest in 2022

The majority unions demand that the Government increase the minimum and non-contributory pensions more than the rest in the 2022 Budgets. That is, above the CPI, which is the reference for the annual revaluation of pensions that was resumed thanks to the first block of the pension reform of the Executive.

The pension agreement overthrows the unilateral reform of the PP and hopes to delay retirements only with incentives

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CCOO and UGT actually propose a more structural proposal, whereby these lower-amount pensions are increased in the coming years above the rest, until they reach what they call “a level of sufficiency.”

Both organizations recall in a joint statement that, despite the fact that the pension system guarantees contributory pensions to almost 9 million people with an average amount of 1,035 euros per month, an amount that rises to 1,192 euros per month in the case of retirement , “one in five contributory pensions need a minimum supplement (22.8%)”.

These supplements allow that “the slightly more than 2.2 million pensioners who receive them can achieve a minimum pension that ranges between 689 euros / month in cases of widowhood and retirement for people over 65 without a dependent spouse, and 851 euros / month in retirement with a dependent spouse “, recall the unions.

In addition, almost 450,000 people are holders of a non-contributory pension, the amount of which stands at “402 euros per month,” indicate CCOO and UGT.

Progressive rises until “sufficiency”

The two unions have proposed at the social dialogue table that negotiates the second leg of the pension reform that the sufficiency of the lower pensions be guaranteed “in a structural way”, for which they defend the need for the second agreement to Regarding the Government, “include an express reference to the need to increase the amounts of these pensions until reaching a level of sufficiency and guaranteeing this in a structural way in the long term.”

His proposal is that these pensions of a lower amount are progressively increased above the rest “until reaching a level of sufficiency for all pensioners”; they do not define. The unions specify that these higher increases should maintain “in any case the guarantee differential that the system currently establishes with respect to the contributory and welfare spheres.”

Both workers’ organizations, before the preparation of the General Budgets for next year by the Executive, ask the Government to start taking steps already in 2022. “In coherence with the objective set and without prejudice to the final specification of this matter in the second phase of the negotiation on pensions “, CCOO and UGT demand that the public accounts of the next year include” a first action in this sense “.