Friday, September 22

The unions call off the strike at the Labor Inspection and give the Government three months to comply with the agreements

The Labor Inspection and Social Security unions have called off the first strike called for all their staff, which was to take place tomorrow, March 30. The strike was called due to the delay in complying with an agreement with the Ministry of Labor for the improvement of various working conditions. The representatives of the workers – by a narrow margin – have finally agreed this Tuesday, on the eve of the strike, to give the Government three more months to comply with the reinforcement of the public body.

The unions of labor inspectors are planted: “Strategic plans without resources are of little use”

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“We suspend to see if the terms of the agreement reached are met. If this is not the case, logically, we will start mobilizations” again, they explain to this medium in UPIT (Progressive Union of Labor Inspectors).

The commitment of last July included a reinforcement of the administrative staff of the Labor Inspection, also key for its development beyond the “acting” employees (inspectors and sub-inspectors), as well as salary improvements for certain professional levels, the equalization of remuneration between workers with the same functions who are now receiving different salaries and more resources for the organization’s computer development, among other matters, the unions explain.

From CSIF they explain in a statement the call for the strike on March 30 because “the Ministry of Labor has offered an increase in productivity linked to results of 6 million euros that would go to all the groups that make up this group, as well as such as the reinforcement of the workforce with 200 interims and the review of the list of jobs (pending increases and reclassifications of categories) estimated at another 13 million”.

three months to fulfill

“The department headed by Yolanda Díaz has asked us for a period of three months to obtain the authorization of the expenditure by the Ministry,” they explain in CSIF. “CSIF positively values ​​the willingness of Labor, which has committed to promptly inform us of the evolution of this negotiation. However, this postponement is not a blank check. We will keep up the pressure and we will be vigilant”, they add.

In this conflict, the unions expressly point to the Treasury, since they assure that it is the one who blocks the measure agreed with Labor. In any case, they demand that the Ministry of Yolanda Díaz obtain the support of the Council of Ministers to carry out the agreement to which her team has committed.

Some unions wanted to keep the strike

“After today’s meeting of the strike committee, the platform has decided in a very tight way among all the organizations that make it up, to call off the day of strike that was scheduled for tomorrow,” says a CCOO statement. The union has explained that, since there are hardly any changes at the moment, it would not have called off the strike, but it has respected the vote of the majority of the strike committee so as not to break “the unity” of the representation of the workforce.

“From CCOO we would never have made the call. The agreement of July 7 last year is put in danger and it seems to imply that with the two patch measures the solution that the Inspection needs is achieved, but unfortunately that has been the decision of those of us who have promoted until today the platform”, maintains the union.

In the same sense, they manifest themselves in the SITSS (Union of Labor and Social Security Inspectors), where its president explains to that the organization was in favor of maintaining the strike “because we consider that the measures neither reinforce nor improve and they are temporary measures”, explains Ana Ercoreca. The inspector insists that the Government must comply within three months with the agreements of July 7. “If they are not fulfilled by June 30, we will go on strike,” she warns.