Wednesday, January 26

The United Kingdom recovers the mask and other restrictions after confirming two cases of the omicron variant

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced a new set of restrictions for England such as the mandatory use of a mask indoors such as shops and public transport after confirmation two cases of the omicron variant of the coronavirus in British territory.

Johnson has further announced that Anyone who has been in close contact with any positive for the new variant will have to serve a ten-day quarantineWhether or not you have been vaccinated, since omicron can reduce the effectiveness of vaccines.

In a later statement, The British Government has clarified that the mandatory nature of a mask in closed spaces It will take effect next week and will not affect the hotel sector.

The new variant has been confirmed in two cases in Nottingham and in Brentwood, in Essex, for which “provisional and precautionary” measures will be adopted that they will be reviewed within three weeks and the vaccination campaign will be “reinforced”. In areas where positives have been detected, there will also be selective tests to detect possible cases.

What’s more The requirement of a PCR test is reimposed for all passengers entering the country: “Anyone entering the UK will have to undergo a PCR test at the end of the second day after arrival and will have to isolate themselves until they have a negative result.”

In any case, Johnson has expressed his “confidence” that the holidays “are considerably better than last Christmas”. “We continue to be in a strong position largely thanks to the speed of vaccination and I think I will stick to the formula that I have used before and I am confident that this Christmas will be considerably better than the last,” he said.

Johnson has acknowledged that these measures “sound harsh”, but “that’s the way it has to be.” When questioned about the possibility of having acted before, the British president said “I do not know how we could have acted faster.”