Friday, September 24

The United States calls on allies to accelerate their departure from Afghanistan before Friday

Correspondent in Brussels



Belgian Defense Minister Ludivine Dedonder, has confirmed in an interview with the newspaper ‘L’echo’ that the United States has asked the other countries that are carrying out evacuations from the Kabul airport to end their operations this Friday 27 August at the latest, given the possibility that the situation will become even more complicated in the last hours given by the Taliban for foreign troops to leave Afghanistan.

“You really have to hurry because at some point the doors are going to close,” said the minister, who does not exclude that when the day comes it may be impossible to operate even on Friday itself.

“At the moment we have August 27, but this may change”

“At the moment we have August 27, but this may change. The objective, in any case, is to get people out as quickly as possible, “said the minister, who confirmed that the deadline is the same for all countries.

Belgium operates jointly with Holland and Denmark from the neighboring airport of Islamabad (Pakistan) with a Hercules C-130 plane.

No safe conditions

Until yesterday, Belgium had taken out of Kabul 1,147 people, but it does not carry out any operation outside the perimeter of the airport, because it does not have the means to do so under security conditions.

“It will be necessary to study the exit options, before planning any international operation”

The Belgian Defense Minister has also stated that in the future “it will be necessary to study the exit options, before planning any international operation.”

In the same newspaper Didier Leroy, a researcher at the Royal Higher Institute of Defense, an expert in terrorism analysis, assures that “the Americans are very concerned about the presence in Afghanistan of the trio Taliban-Al Qaeda-Daesh, that they are actors as heterogeneous as they are explosive. The situation is very complex at the Kabul airport, with thousands of people gathered in appalling chaos and a high concentration of foreign journalists. All the elements are there for Daesh to seize the opportunity, through a well-executed attack, to publicize itself. There would be many civilian casualties and cameras from all over the world would be present.

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