Monday, February 26

The United States rules out that the “Havana syndrome” is a major foreign attack

The CIA has ruled out that the “Havana syndrome” is the result of a campaign directed by a country that is an enemy of the United States, according to NBC reported on Wednesday. The US intelligence service has carried out a new evaluation of the strange symptoms that US diplomats have suffered in various countries around the world and, although the report is kept secret, six people with knowledge of its content have revealed it to different media.

According to NBC, the CIA has ruled out that most cases are the result of a campaign by a foreign power, although it has doubts about some of those that were first detected in 2016 in Havana. The report concludes that there is no evidence to say that Russia or any other foreign power targeted US diplomats in order to gather information.

A large part of the cases could be attributed to a pre-existing medical problem or to environmental or other factors, according to a senior CIA official. Washington Post. “A few dozen” of those incidents, which the official has described as “the most severe cases”, could not be explained and will be investigated further, he said.

More than 1,000 employees of different US embassies have suffered from the so-called “Havana syndrome”, which causes symptoms similar to those of brain damage, dizziness, headaches and lack of ability to concentrate. The origin of these mysterious “attacks” is still unknown, although some experts suggest that radio frequency energy could have been used to carry them out.

In addition to Cuba, where the first cases were detected in 2016 and 2017, similar incidents have occurred in China, Austria, Germany and even Washington.

In 2017, Donald Trump accused the Government of Cuba of being responsible for what the US authorities then described as “acoustic” or “sonic” attacks, which served as a pretext for the then president to break the diplomatic thaw with the island.

An internal report released in early 2021 revealed that Trump accused Havana without evidence and that mismanagement and lack of coordination dominated his response to these alleged “attacks.” Joe Biden, for the moment, has avoided publicly singling out any country and his government continues to investigate the origin of these incidents.