Saturday, November 26

The unity of the left in Andalusia fractures at the first threat of agreeing on the single candidacy

Six political parties to the left of the PSOE announced on Monday a pre-agreement to concur together in the next elections in Andalusia, opening a roadmap to agree on the political program, the technical work teams and the candidacies. The IU, Podemos, Equo, Alianza Verde, Más País and the Andalusian People’s Initiative appeared in the statement.

The last two were already part of another coalition of three parties, recently built and with their brand registered in the registry of political parties of the Ministry of the Interior: Andaluces Levantaos. The third member of this political subject was the Andalusian group Andalucía por Sí (AxSí), which attended the meeting on Monday, participated in the negotiation, and at the end requested 48 hours to consult with its executive if it would join the project of confluence.

After that period, the leader of AxSí and mayor of Coria del Río, Modesto González, has announced that he distances himself from his colleagues’ plan for considering the proposal “opportunistic” and “guided by Madrid”, although he maintains his intention to continue within the Andalusian Get Up coalition. This decision opens a complicated scenario from several perspectives.

First, because Más País and the Andalusian People’s Initiative have one foot in the coalition with AxSí -which is barely three months old- and another in the recently outlined confluence with United We Can. If the reunification efforts of the left of this second project prosper, it can be assumed that its initial coalition will break up as soon as it is born. Or quite the opposite: the plan to form a single candidacy with the rest of the leftist forces may stall -Más País has expressed its reservations as soon as the joint statement was made public- and the triad of Andaluces Levantaos decides to concur with its own acronym , already registered as a party.

The result, in either case, would be exactly what was intended to be avoided in elections in which the conservative bloc PP-Ciudadanos-Vox shows a clear advantage over the scattered map of the left in Andalusia: three different ballots to the left of the PSOE, with Teresa Rodríguez’s Adelante Andalucía coalition, which was the first to distance itself from the new confluence.

The slam of AxSí, advanced by and confirmed by this newspaper, has a lot to do with their misgivings about a reunification plan for the Andalusian left that, they say, is being supervised from Madrid, and will not give rise to an “Andalusian obedience” party, as they promised on Monday in the joint statement. The Andalusians consider this point “a condition sine qua non, a red line”, and assure that “obedience to the interests of Andalusia is key to any political proposal and therefore they do not conceive of participating in a project of political opportunism or guided by interests elections in Madrid.

González defends his party as “the only Andalusian ticket in the last elections”, after the disintegration of the Andalusian Party, and maintains his commitment to the Andaluces Levantaos coalition, “a new, transversal, Andalusian, green and social project that Andalusians feel, thinking Andalusian and for Andalusia”. The confluence project piloted by United We Can, still full of unknowns, integrates parties “with centralist structures that do not put” the interests of Andalusia before those of their formations, they denounce from AxSí.