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The unknown link between Star Wars and award-winning CODA actor | Digital Trends Spanish

With his statuette as best supporting actor, Troy Kotsur contributed with one of the three awards at the 2022 Oscars that the film CODA won. However, he is not the first flirtation of the deaf-mute artist in the upper echelons of entertainment, since he has already participated in the series derived from the Star Wars saga.

The Mandalorian already knew about the talent of the interpreter originally from Arizona, as he was one of the Tusken raiders (“Tusken Reiders”) in one of the episodes of his first season. And not only that: he was also one of the creators of the sign language used by the native plunderers of the planet Tatooine, who are also involved in The Book of Boba Fett.

“I researched the culture and environment of the Tusken Raiders (…) I made sure that it became the sign language of the Tusken,” he told CNBC. One of his biggest challenges was avoiding relying on American Sign Language (ASL).

Kotsur said he dreams of seeing more sign language on platforms like Disney Plus, which broadcasts the series starring Pedro Pascal. “I hope the producers keep an open mind, because this is just the beginning,” he said.

Star Wars is not a foreign story for those who played Frank Rossi in the feature film that won the Oscars for best film and best adapted screenplay. In an interview with CBS Saturday Morning, he confessed that A New Hope changed his life when he was eight years old, he contributed comic book.

“Imagine sitting in the cinema and not being able to hear anything. But the visual effects of this film were incredible. I saw the lights shooting back and forth from their guns, the battleships. I went back to the movies and saw it 28 times, and it was the first movie that inspired me. I was fascinated by the fantasy, all the characters. It really sparked my interest in film and brought me here,” she said.

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