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The Updated Nissan Leaf Debuts at the New York Auto Show | Digital Trends Spanish

The Nissan Leaf, one of the pioneering vehicles of electric mobility worldwide, received an update that not only involves slight changes in appearance, but also a much-needed simplification of its line that will make decision making easier for its buyers. The new-for-2023 model debuted at the New York Auto Show.

The changes in the second generation of the Leaf, presented in October 2017 as a 2018 model, come in anticipation of the launch of the Nissan Ariya, an attractive crossover that after its launch as a 2023 model will become Nissan’s second electric vehicle and will It will steal a lot of prominence from the modest Leaf.

Up front we see subtle changes to its vestigial grille, headlights and bumper, as well as a new illuminated manufacturer’s logo. Nissan says they also modified various body parts in an effort to improve the vehicle’s aerodynamics. One change that wasn’t subtle at all are flashy new multi-dial wheels that create an interesting contrast to the Leaf’s smooth, inoffensive lines.

For 2023, the Nissan Leaf’s unnecessarily complicated lineup of five models has been whittled down to just two variants: the base Leaf S and the mid-range Leaf SV Plus.

What didn’t change was the modest powertrain. The Leaf S continues with a 147-horsepower electric motor powered by a 40-kWh battery, while the SV Plus variant keeps its 214-horsepower machine and 62-kWh battery. In both models the engine is installed on the front axle, so they are considered front-wheel drive.

Nissan said range figures from the US Environmental Protection Agency have yet to be determined, but they don’t expect them to differ from the current 149 miles of range for the S model and 215 miles for the SV Plus.

The price of the Nissan Leaf remains unchanged in relation to the 2022 models, which means that the starting price of the 2023 Leaf S will be $28,425; of the SV Plus, of $36,425. The 2023 Nissan Leaf begins shipping this summer.

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