Friday, March 31

The UPN leadership asks its two rebel deputies to deliver the minutes

The UPN management has asked its two deputies in Congress this Thursday, Sergio Sayas and Carlos García Adanero, to deliver their deputy minutes after breaking the group discipline dictated the day before by the party president to support the labor reform, as was agreed with the Government of Spain. “Sergio Sayas and Carlos García Adanero have made the decision against the decision of the party bodies”, they have pointed out from the regionalist leadership, which has added that this has also been taken “cheating” after having “previously stated publicly that they were going to accept the voting discipline and then not do it”.

Congress approves the labor reform for one seat after the turn of the UPN deputies and the error of one of the PP

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In a statement, the management has stated that it has been able to “verify that the two deputies have indeed warned other political groups, who have been aware of it, of the final meaning of their vote, while the UPN management was unaware of this point.” The regionalist formation has also apologized to the PSOE and the PSN: “What has happened today does not represent UPN, a party of words, values ​​and principles, which fulfills its agreements. Among those values ​​and principles there is no not keeping the word given”. Finally, they have added that “the disloyalty with the voters, affiliates and organs of the party is absolute and unacceptable, for which we ask the two UPN representatives in Congress to deliver their act of deputy immediately.”

For his part, the mayor of Pamplona and vice president of UPN, Enrique Maya, has been “tremendously angry” at the breakdown of group discipline dictated by the leadership of the two deputies. In fact, the support for the labor reform of the regionalists in Congress led the PSN in turn to adopt the gesture of voting in favor of budgetary modifications of the municipal government in Pamplona and not disapprove of the mayor in the plenary session that was held this same Thursday.

Thus, early in the afternoon, the PSN has voted in favor of the budgetary modifications proposed by the local government team (Navarra Suma) worth 27 million euros, while simultaneously the plenary session of the Congress of Deputies took place. Late in the afternoon and after learning about the turn of the deputies Sergio Sayas and Carlos García Adanero, the socialist spokesperson in the consistory, Maite Esporrín, has announced with harsh criticism of the regionalists that she would vote in favor of failing the mayor in the declarations proposed by EH Bildu and Geroa Bai.

As reported by Europa Press, Maya has told Esporrín that she understands “perfectly well his tremendous anger.” “I am also tremendously angry”, he pointed out, adding that “the political commitment” with “the party leadership was to support this labor reform” “There have been two people in Parliament who have disobeyed the instructions of the leadership, that is what has happened, Mrs. Esporrín, and you are absolutely right to be like this, and I admit it, I admit everything you want to tell me, but it has been against the guidelines of the party leadership and obviously that will have consequences don’t doubt it,” he said.

The PSN votes in favor of the disapproval of the mayor of Pamplona

Finally, the plenary session of the City Council of the Navarran capital has approved at the last minute with the vote of the socialists two statements by EH Bildu and Geroa Bai in which Enrique Maya is disapproved for his “xenophobic” statements about unaccompanied foreign minors , to which he attributed an alleged increase in insecurity in the city despite contrary data from the Government Delegation. Both initiatives have gone ahead in this way after the PSN withdrew its own as originally announced.

As for the disapproval itself, Maya wanted to emphasize that in her aforementioned statements, what she pointed out was that “in the case of minors who commit crimes, those responsible are their parents or legal guardians”, but that in the case of the ‘ menas’ “there is a reality and it is that, although they are not the only ones, they also commit crimes”. “The truth must be told, it must not be rectified. And what I have said is true,” she insisted, after denying, in response to parliamentarian Patxi Leuza, that she is a xenophobic person.

In addition, he pointed out that according to “official” data from the Pamplona Municipal Police, in the second half of 2021 “reports of crimes of robbery with violence and intimidation have increased by 33% compared to 2019”, with 57 people involved, compared to 26 in 2019. Of them, 17 minors. Of those 17, 5 were ‘ores’. And of the 57 total, “10 are born in Spain, and 47 born outside of Spain.” “If we take the aggregate data from all the police forces, this increase in this type of crime is 53% compared to 2019 and 75% compared to 2020,” he added. These figures, however, contradict the data from the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office, which show that only 1% of the crimes committed in the foral community they correspond to foreign minors.

For its part, the socialist Maite Esporrín has been “repentant” for having believed the word of the regionalists, after criticizing that UPN has left the socialists “in a shameful and embarrassing situation.” “We have just withdrawn the statement because that was the commitment. We cannot make any more signs of loyalty, but enough of teasing us. They all had to face shame right now,” he said, after learning of the rejection. of the UPN deputies to the labor reform.

Regarding the statement itself, Esporrín has considered that with Maya’s “so xenophobic” speech, “apart from giving an image of Pamplona that does not correspond to reality, the only thing he has done has been to criminalize them and that society look grim.” “That, in a person who is the greatest representative of Pamplona, ​​is not acceptable”, he concluded.

The municipal spokesman for EH Bildu, Joseba Asiron, has pointed out that the mayor “decided to put these people in the eye of the hurricane, and he did it out of xenophobia”, since “his speech is absolutely riddled with racism”. “The xenophobic discourse that he carries out to justify social control, the interested discourse that he exhibits so that his failures are not talked about, that discourse with which he intends to distract people from the real problems, the one that he uses for mere electoral calculation because they are terrified that Vox overtakes them on the right, then drifts in society, in the street, in prejudice, fear and hatred”, he stated, after adding that “all this is aggravated by the fact that he did it without contributing not a single piece of information” and that when he was “forced” to do so, he provided “false data that nobody shares”.

Along the same lines, Geroa Bai’s spokesman, Patxi Leuza, has shown himself, who has “regretted” that the mayor “is leading a campaign of xenophobia and racism”. “I don’t know if you are xenophobic, I don’t know you well enough. I want to think that you are not, but your statements were and you should rectify it,” he said, after criticizing that Maya “has put minors at the center of the target “, and “some very specific ones” and ask them to “not stigmatize” the group.