Monday, September 20

The US asks its citizens to stay away from Kabul airport: “Get out immediately”

Correspondent in New York



The U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan has advised Americans seeking to leave the country not to go to the kabul airport and that, if they are in the area, they leave as quickly as possible due to “threats to security.”

«Come out immediately“Said the message from the embassy to anyone who is in the main accesses to the airport, the Abbey, East and North gates.

To those who are not there yet, he recommends “not to approach the airport entrances at this time” except if they are received “personal instructions a representative of the US Government to do so. ‘

The Governments of UK and Australia they shared similar messages with their nationals. The Australian authorities described the situation as “a very significant and ongoing terrorist threat”.

The recommendation not to go to the airport – the only way out of Afghanistan with the Taliban in power in the country – by the US embassy comes shortly after the US president, Joe Biden, will announce that its intention is not to extend the August 31 deadline established to finalize the evacuation. The worsening security conditions at the airport access will only make it more difficult to meet that deadline, at a time when several Western partners have asked Biden to maintain the deployment of the army for longer to be able to complete the evacuation. .

As the days go by, the situation deteriorates more and more outside the airport, with a crowd – mostly Afghans who collaborated with the United States or who consider themselves in risk with the taliban– trying to enter and with more and more evidence of the risk of a terrorist attack.

A US Government source assured ‘The New York Times’ that they were following a “specific” and “credible” threat from the terrorist group affiliated in Afghanistan to Daesh.

According to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, there are about 1,500 Americans who have not yet managed to leave Afghanistan. According to estimates by humanitarian organizations, more than 200,000 Afghans in danger they have not been evacuated either.

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