Tuesday, February 27

The US expresses concern to AMLO about its investments in Mexico

The United States expressed to Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador its “real concerns” about the potential negative impact of the reforms it is promoting in the energy sector, according to a statement published this Friday.

“We express the real concerns of the Biden-Harris administration regarding the possible negative impact of the energy reforms proposed by Mexico on US private investment,” US Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm said after a visit to Mexico, quoted in the document.

“The proposed reform could also hamper the joint efforts of the United States and Mexico on clean energy and climate,” added the secretary after meeting with López Obrador, senior officials and leaders of industry and civil society.

Earlier, the Mexican president confirmed that it was agreed with Granholm to review case by case, and where “they consider that there is an injustice”, the impact that the reforms promoted by his government -particularly in the electricity sector- can have on US companies.

“They already have a list, there are some companies that are asking to be informed and we are doing it, both from the United States and from Canada,” López Obrador said when questioned by journalists.

The president also assured that the companies about which concerns have been raised “are few”, without specifying an exact number.

He also said that he informed the secretary about the scope of the reform and the impact that corruption has had on the Mexican energy sector.

Granholm’s visit came as Democratic lawmakers in the United States called on President Joe Biden to be tougher with Mexico on the energy sector.

The constitutional reform promoted by López Obrador seeks to expand state control in electricity generation, which has been criticized by opponents and businessmen.

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