Sunday, July 3

The US removes ETA from its list of terrorist organizations

The United States announced this Friday its decision to remove the terrorist group ETA from its list of terrorist organizations. The State Department has also removed four other groups, in addition to ETA: Aum Shinrikyo (Japan), the Shura Mujahideen Council (Iraq), Kahane Chai (Israel) and Yamaa al Islamiy (Egypt), according to EFE.

This measure comes eleven years after ETA announced the definitive cessation of armed activity, when through a statement it expressed its “clear, firm and definitive commitment to overcome the armed confrontation”, and after four years of its dissolution.

That ETA announcement came after a six-decade history of violence. The birth of Euskadi Ta Askatasuna in 1958 was followed in 1961 by the first violent action. The first murder, that of the civil guard José Pardines, was perpetrated in 1968. Another 854 would follow. In between, truces were announced that were broken with new attacks and murders. There were arrests and the dome was destroyed on several occasions.