Wednesday, January 19

The US will distribute 500 million tests to contain the expansion of the omicron variant

The U.S. government has announced a new battery of measures with which it wants to contain the expansion of the omicron variant of the coronavirus and among which is the reinforcement of the tests, with the opening of new enclaves under federal control and the distribution in 2022 of 500 million tests of antigens.

Waiting for an appearance from the president, Joe Biden, the White House has already advanced the main lines of a strategy that goes largely to increasing vaccination. Currently, 73 percent of the population has already completed the pattern, but this level seems insufficient given the arrival of omicron.

The United States registers a daily average of infections higher than 130,000, almost double than two months ago and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that almost three out of four cases correspond to omicron. Texas authorities reported Monday what could be the first known death from this variant, according to ABC News.

The White House recalls that there are 90,000 vaccination points enabled and insists that, without these injections, the risk of suffering a serious picture of COVID-19 multiplies.

In this sense, it is also committed to booster doses and because children under eleven years old are immunized.

In relation to tests, the United States already has 20,000 places to take a test for free and plans to expand federal involvement, with new enclaves called to strengthen the capacity of states to detect cases. The first of them will open this week in New York.

Biden also wants to speed up the production of these products and distribute quick tests that citizens can take at home. The Administration will buy 500 million that will begin to be available in January and that the population will be able to request for free through the Internet.

The plan contemplates the reinforcement of hospital capacities, especially in those areas where there is an overload due to the increase in cases of COVID-19. About a thousand health workers from the military will be available to attend the most saturated centers in January and February of next year.