Friday, January 21

The Valencia Court acquits the former director of the IVAM for the purchase of the posthumous works of Gerardo Rueda

The fifth section of the Provincial Court of Valencia has acquitted Consuelo Císcar, former director of the Institut Valencià d’Art Modern (IVAM), for the purchase of the posthumous works of the sculptor Gerardo Rueda. José Luis Rueda, the artist’s heir, and Juan Carlos Lledó, former economic and financial director of the museum, have also been acquitted.

The resolution has not detected irregularities in the contracts for the sale of the sculptures to the museum. The court does not appreciate in the conduct of the defendants “the requirement of deception”, since the works of the aforementioned sculptor sold to the public gallery were authentic and the price paid for them “was correct or, in his case, very beneficial.”

This case dealt with the alleged fraud perpetrated by the then executive leadership of the IVAM through the purchase, charged to public funds, of 58 reproductions of works by the late artist Gerardo Rueda.

Thus, the Provincial Court of Valencia has decided to acquit the three defendants by not accepting the concurrence “of the requirement of deception” and to conclude that the pieces in question were authentic.