Tuesday, October 4

The Valencia Court confirms the prosecution of the former vice mayor of Rita Barberá for two electoral campaigns of the PP

The fourth section of the Provincial Court of Valencia freed the PP and a large part of the councilors of Rita Barberá’s team from sitting on the bench of those accused by the ‘smurfing’ of the separate piece A of the ‘Taula case’. However, Alfonso Grau, deputy mayor during Barberá’s mandate, will be prosecuted for the alleged crimes of embezzlement of public funds and improper bribery in relation to the 2007 electoral campaign and for the alleged crimes of improper passive coachman and money laundering of capitals (as a participant), for the 2011 campaign.

The order of the fourth section of the Provincial Court of Valencia, to which eDiario.es has had access, highlights the role of Grau in the entity Centro de Estartegias y Desarrollo (CEYD) and in the Valencia Tourism Convention Bureau (FTVCB) foundation, as president or employer. Both entities injected huge funds into the alleged network of companies that financed the popular campaigns, especially in the Laterne group of the late businessman Vicente Sáez. “The money was taken from those foundations in favor of Laterne” to support the “needs of the popular group in the Valencia City Council,” the order reads.

The Provincial Court of Valencia thus rejects the appeal of the defense of Grau, which argued that the crimes would be prescribed as they were acts prior to 2011. The indictment issued by the head of the Examining Court number 18 of Valencia, in charge of the The investigation of the ‘Taula case’, is “totally adjusted to the law”, concludes the fourth section.

The resolution leads to a narrower bench than expected, in which Alfonso Grau, the two heads of the municipal entities and the then secretary of the popular group, María del Carmen García Fuster will sit. All of them, after the oral judgment, will be judged by the electoral campaigns of 2007 and 2015, in which the PP handled millionaire amounts, contributed by historically contractor companies, regardless of official accounting.