Thursday, December 8

The Valencia Court files the case for the laundering of a dozen former councilors of the PP

The fourth section of the Valencia Court has estimated the appeal of up to 13 former PP councilors investigated for the alleged money laundering within the framework of separate piece ‘A’ of the so-called ‘Taula case’, relating to the use of the smurfing method . The decision is firm, so there is no recourse.

The order considers that the alleged crime of laundering is situated in the “space of mere suspicion” that the former councilors “received the proposed dirty money and consummated with this action the typical unjust characteristic of the accused crime.”

The Court of Valencia thus endorses the resources of the former popular councilors María Jesús Puchalt Farinós, Francisco Lledó Aucejo, Vicente Igual Alandete, Silvestre Senent Ferrer, María Dolores Cubells Fuertes, Juan Pedro Gómez Cerón, Ignacio Pou Santonja, José Navarro, Andrés Rodríguez Guisado Bolinches , Lourdes Bernal Sanchis, Félix Crespo Hellín, Beatriz Simón Castellets and Manuel Mas Gaspar.

The thirteen appealed the order of October of this year in which the head of the Court of Instruction number 18 of Valencia dictated the processing of up to fifty exediles and advisers to the late mayor Rita Barberá. The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office requested four years in prison for the former councilors and up to 15 years for the then vice-mayor Alfonso Grau.