Wednesday, August 10

The Valencian Community eliminates limitations in cultural spaces and shops and increases capacity and hours in hotels and nightlife

This Monday the interdepartmental organization that has agreed on the new de-escalation measures in the Valencian territory, a relaxation of the restrictions due to the pandemic advanced last week by President Ximo Puig and Vice President Mónica Oltra who It is supported by the good indicators of COVID-19 (the accumulated incidence last Friday was just over 52 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in fourteen days, which is on the verge of low risk of contagion).

The head of the Consell has been in charge of announcing the new measures in the General Policy debate that is taking place this week in the Corts. Among the main decisions approved this Monday and which will take effect at midnight from Monday to Tuesday are: all restrictions on cinemas, theaters, auditoriums, museums and libraries fall; on trade; and at the headquarters of festive organizations.

With regard to the hospitality industry, indoor capacity increased to 75%; the tables inside the establishments may be of up to ten people; consumption at the bar is allowed, as long as you are seated; and the closing time is adjusted to the one that corresponds with the license of each premises.

As for nightlife, as with the hotel industry, the capacity is also increased to 75%, the tables will also be for a maximum of ten people and the bar can be used to consume if you are seated. In addition, dancing is allowed in front of the pre-assigned place and the cut-off time is extended until 5 in the morning. Likewise, negotiations are being initiated with the nightlife and festival sectors for the possible implementation of the COVID passport at these events.

The maximum number of people in sporting events and acts is also eliminated and in the meetings corresponding to the professional football and basketball leagues, the maximum number of spectators decreases, with the maximum capacity being 40% in the halls and 60% in open-air stadiums.