Thursday, October 6

The Valencian Government authorizes the return of the residents of Torás, Viver and Bejís, where the fire is limited

Positive news this Saturday morning regarding the Bejís and Vall d’Ebo fires. The President of the Valencian Government, Ximo Puig, has appeared this Saturday after the meeting of the Integrated Operational Coordination Center (Cecopi) held at 10:00 am and has assured that the evolution in both cases last night has been very good.

In the case of the Vall d’Ebo, Puig commented that “there has been no regrowth” and that “throughout this Saturday the different teams will continue to work in the area as a preventive measure, but the situation is absolutely consolidated.”

Regarding the Bejís fire, the head of the Consell explained that “at the moment there are only two hot spots left with some flame, but controlled, in the Andilla and Toro area, but the perimeter of the fire is stabilized”.

For this reason, residents evacuated from the towns of Bejís, Torás and Viver, including their districts, have been authorized to return to their homes. In the case of Viver, it is about those evicted from a campsite so that they can collect their belongings and the residents of a center for people with functional diversity.

As explained by Puig, if everything evolves as before and there is no regrowth, the idea is that throughout the day the rest of those evicted from the Sacañet or Teresa municipalities will be allowed to return to their homes. In total, more than 1,500 people were evicted.

However, the president has been prudent in this regard since he has warned that the weather conditions will worsen this afternoon, with winds of up to 40 kilometers per hour, temperatures above 30 degrees and humidity below 30%: “A half a day the situation will be analyzed and it will be determined if the rest of the evicted can return to their homes”.

The fire has affected an area of ​​20,000 hectares and a perimeter of between 138 and 140 kilometers. Throughout this Saturday, 42 air assets will continue to work on stabilizing the perimeter.