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The Valencian Government notifies that it will not extend the ITV concessions for which Zaplana is being investigated

“I inform you, in due time and form, as the current concession company of the Technical Inspection of Vehicles (ITV) service in the Valencian Community that, in use of the power conferred by the seventh clause of the Specific Administrative Clauses that governs the tender, the contract will end once its initial duration, 25 years, has been completed. Therefore, by means of this communication the formal complaint provided for in the contractual file is made and we inform you that there will be no extension “.

So reads the notification (complete document at the end of the information) that the Ministry of Economy, in compliance with one of the mandates of the Botanical Pact, has sent this Monday to the concession companies of the 25 fixed stations of the Valencian Community.

As has been reporting, the Valencian Government will not extend the contracts, so as of December 2022, the Generalitat Valenciana will have a free hand to regain control and management of the stations upon expiration of the contract of 25 years granted in 1997 by the regional executive chaired by Eduardo Zaplana and for which the former president is charged in the Erial case.

The notice from the department headed by Rafael Climent had to reach the different companies one year before the contracts expire, that is, before November 5, and it was this Tuesday that it became effective. The document sent to the concessionaires states that the option of the 10-year extension provided for in the contracts will not be applied.

According to the letter to which had access, “the report on the actions to be carried out, chronology and expected economic cost, for the reversion to the ITV public service Administration, analyzes the possible forms of management and the economic differences between models management of the public vehicle technical inspection service, concludes that extending the current concession for another 10 years is the most economically unfavorable option for the Generalitat “.

Consequently, “the requirement to assess the repercussions and effects must be considered fulfilled, and strictly subject to compliance with the requirements of the principles of budgetary stability and financial sustainability.”

As the aforementioned report on the proceedings recalls, “the debate on the forms of management of public services and the eventual recovery of their management is a non-legal or, at least, essentially political judgment of opportunity, although logically it will have to take into consideration legal problems ”.

The letter refers at this point to the Botanist’s agreement where it is established that “before the end of the concession in the next legislature, we will work to return to direct public management the service of the Technical Inspections of Vehicles (ITV), with total priority to safeguard road safety on Valencian highways, improve the quality of service, lower rates for users and transparent and efficient management “.

Therefore, it concludes that “it is the will of the current Consell de la Generalitat to finalize the current administrative concession regime for the provision of ITV service in the Valencian Community”.

From that moment, a procedure very similar to the one that has been carried out to recover the public management of the health department of the Alzira hospital in 2018 and Torrevieja will be articulated. The latter will take effect on October 15.

Precisely, from Economy they take advantage of the endorsement that the Supreme Court recently granted in a ruling to the public recovery of the management of the Alzira hospital, once the contract expired.

Thus, Economy will now have to draw up a roadmap to give continuity to the service through two options. The first and most likely would be to recover the public management of the service through a public company that would assume the 1,200 employees of the stations. The second option would be to return the service to concession through a new public tender with more advantageous conditions for the administration, although this possibility is practically ruled out, since the Pacto del Botànico provides for the reversion of this service.

Last week, the Association of Concessionary Entities of the Valencian Community for the Technical Inspection of Vehicles (AECOVA-ITV) asked Climent to open the dialogue table announced a few months ago to know first-hand the intention of the administration: “It does not have It makes sense to reverse a service that is working well for the administration, for workers and for road safety, “they said.

A service weighed down by the corruption of the PP

The Erial case, in which the former president of the Generalitat Valenciana and former minister Eduardo Zaplana together with others is accused, was opened to investigate the alleged collection of 10.5 million euros in commissions derived from the ITV concessions and wind farms in the Comunitat Valenciana, which could constitute crimes of bribery, money laundering, embezzlement and prevarication.

The outsourcing operation of a service that was public in the 90s of the last century served so that a few years after the awards, the concessionaires sold the rights for tens of millions of euros which, in turn, would have been used to pay the bites to the international plot that is being investigated in the Erial case. Sedesa sold its concession for 86 million euros and distributed it among many of those now investigated.

The awarding of the ITV lots, one of the epicenters of the case, was carried out in 1997 and several businessmen who had led Zaplana by the hand of the Valencian autonomous power, paving the pact between Unió Valenciana and the Popular Party were graced (known as chicken pact) after the regional elections of 1995.

A previous report from the UCO concluded that the subsequent distribution of the commissions was 10.5 million for the international plot led by Eduardo Zaplana; 11.3 for the former police director with Aznar Juan Cotino and 580,000 euros for the former president of Bancaja and the Generalitat José Luis Olivas.

Letter from the Generalitat Valenciana to ITV concession companies on Scribd

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