Thursday, October 6

The Vall d’Ebo fire has already devastated 9,500 hectares in a perimeter of 65 kilometers: “It has occurred at the worst of times”

The president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, assured this Monday that the fire declared in the Vall d’Ebo, which has already destroyed 9,500 hectares and has forced the eviction of more than 1,200 people throughout the area and other regions, “has produced in the worst of moments” and, furthermore, it “develops with absolutely impossible difficulties to tackle with the speed that one would like”. At the moment, there is no forecast to carry out more evictions of neighbors but it would be studied in the event of a change in the wind or any other circumstance.

The virulent fire in Alicante is still active and the one in Zaragoza, stabilized

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This has been indicated to the media, after holding a meeting with the Fire Advanced Command Post, where he thanked all the people involved in the extinction tasks, as well as the mayors and councilors who make a “superhuman effort” in a very difficult situation.”

In fact, he has told them: “We are going to be reborn”, although now he has pointed out that the most important thing now is that there are no “personal misfortunes” -neither in the troops participating in the extinction nor in the neighbors- and “limit the maximum” that there is damage to people’s property.

According to the latest data provided by the president, more than 9,500 hectares of land have already burned and the fire has a perimeter of 65 kilometers. The fire was caused by lightning and Puig recalled that he had already been warned that the weekend was going to be a moment “of enormous complexity” due to the meteorological circumstances and, in fact, he has indicated that they have fallen in the areas affected “thousands and thousands of rays” and throughout the Valencian Community.

However, he has indicated that, according to the technicians, there are “more favorable” forecasts and “the humidity may increase ostensible tonight”, which will be accompanied by the entry of “fresher” winds, which may help contain a fire of “huge features”.

The president has committed to, looking to the future, “propose the necessary instruments to revitalize this region”, which is “one of the most important from the point of view of the natural heritage of the Valencian Community”.

Call from Pedro Sanchez

Puig has explained that he has spoken this Monday with the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, who has made all available means of the Government available to the Valencian Community, and has also highlighted the collaboration of all the administrations.

“We are in the common cause of all”, he said, while pointing out that it should also be taken into account that this Sunday the aerial means had great difficulties to work due to the smoke. “You can not think that no matter how much we can ask, we can act”, he indicated, to confirm that reinforcements will arrive this Tuesday and also thanked the collaboration of Murcia and Castilla La Mancha.

After the visit, the president went to the Espai Veïnal de Pego, where the Red Cross cares for people displaced by prevention from the fire zone who do not have an alternative residence. The humanitarian organization has opened another provisional shelter in Muro d’Alcoi, in Casa de Ferro, with capacity for 50 people.

The UME activated for the Bejís fire

The Military Emergency Unit (UME) has been activated by the National Center for Monitoring and Coordination of Civil Protection Emergencies to intervene in the forest fire in Bejís (Castellón), declared this afternoon and which has forced the evacuation of a campsite.

The Valencian Emergency Safety and Response Agency has requested the intervention of the UME, which is also intervening in the fires at Les Useres, Vall d’Ebo and Añón del Moncayo, and its intervention has already been activated.

As reported by the Castellón Firefighters Consortium, the difficulty of access to many areas is complicating the work of the mobilized device of both the Consortium and the Valencian Generalitat.

The Advanced Command Post has been established in the Municipal Pool. At 7:20 p.m., seven Generalitat aerial resources, eight Generalitat Forest Firefighters units -two of them helicopters-, six fire engines and five Consortium crews, with four commands and a truck, were acting on the ground.

The smoke from the fires reaches Mallorca

The smoke from the fires declared in Vall d’Ebo and Bejís is expanding towards the east and is reaching Mallorca, as confirmed by the territorial delegation of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet). As explained by Aement on its social networks, an intense flow of wind from the southeast is blowing in both fires.

Although in low layers the wind is from the southeast, above the tops of the mountains, from 1,200-1,500 meters, the wind is intense and turns rapidly to the west, hence the smoke is expanding towards the east in a quickly reaching Mallorca.