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The Venezuelan opposition confirms its participation in the November regional elections




The Venezuelan opposition has taken a step forward in the race for the regional elections on November 21. This Tuesday afternoon, The coalition led by interim president Juan Guaidó, has confirmed what was already expected in the country:your participation in the upcoming elections that will renew the positions of 335 mayors and 23 governors. In a conference with the press, the Unitary Platform, which brings together the entire leadership, has assured that, after a majority decision, they will go to the “mega-elections” with the card of the Democratic Unity Table (MUD), the defunct coalition that concentrated for years the opposition leadership.

«Voting is a right and not voting too. We respect those who have decided not to participate, but for that same attitude we ask those of us who have decided to do so respect, “said Henry Ramos Allup, the veteran politician and leader of the Democratic Action party, one of the most important political organizations in the country. At the press conference, Allup asked the other opposition parties to unite to vote for the MUD card, which until 2017 brought together all the political organizations to confront Chavismo in past elections.

“If we do not execute the political agenda, it is impossible to carry out the social agenda, which is the one that most burdens the people,” Allup insisted, in the company of other opposition leaders, but with the absence of Guaidó. The spokesperson has stressed that they are still “mockup” the candidacies that will be presented in November.

Regarding the guarantees, the representative of Democratic Action has explained that the opposition still does not have guarantees or conditions to participate, but not to be measured in the elections would be to give “our possibilities to the regime.” In a later statement, the opposition has also assured that it is aware that these elections «It will not be a fair or conventional election. The dictatorship has imposed serious obstacles that put at risk the expression of change of the Venezuelan people.

But even so, they consider that this new step is a “useful fight to strengthen citizenship and promote the true solution to the serious crisis in our country: free presidential and legislative elections.” In this way, they have said that they will organize and mobilize “in unity” at the service of the democratic reinstitutionalization of Venezuela.

Complement to the negotiation

Allup has also referred to the negotiation that has been carried out in Mexico City since August 13, and where representatives of Chavismo and the opposition have sat in a dialogue media, Allup has considered that the process «of Mexico does not mean that for them we are members of an interim government and the fact that we are there does not mean that we recognize it.

In the document, they also highlighted that this decision “complements the efforts being made in Mexico and aims to a peaceful and negotiated solution». For the opposition, an organized and mobilized country “can raise its voice with greater force” to demand democracy, the reinstitutionalization of powers and lead Venezuela out of the crisis.

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