Sunday, May 28

The Verín fire accumulates 600 devastated hectares and continues to threaten homes

The fire that started in Verín at noon this Wednesday has already destroyed 600 hectares, according to provisional measurements, although the Xunta believes that its current evolution is “favourable”. With a total of ten active sources, the alert is maintained due to the proximity of the flames to the homes.

In its last part, the Ministry of Rural Affairs notes that the fire is still active. It has also been ratified by the head of the regional department, José González, in an interview with Radio Galega. The media are now concentrating on the task of extinguishing a flank that is “very difficult to access”, a task to which the aerial media will also contribute as soon as possible.

This fire has caused evictions and confinement of some neighbors during the afternoon of Wednesday, cuts of several hours in the A-52 and the N-525 and minor material damage in the Auga de Sousas factory. Both the Minister for Rural Affairs and the mayor of the town, Gerardo Seoane, have opted for the “intentionality” of the fire.

To combat the fire, 4 technicians, 11 agents, 23 brigades, 11 motorized pumps, 2 shovels, 1 technical support unit, 9 planes and 11 helicopters have worked. The Military Emergency Unit (UME) has joined the tasks to try to control the flames and they have also collaborated with the Civil Guard, Civil Protection and Portuguese media.

other fires

In the province of Pontevedra, the concern is concentrated in the town of Arbo, where last day a new fire entered from Portugal that is still active and with ‘situation 2’ as a preventive measure, it is still activated by the proximity of the flames to the polygon industrial.