Sunday, July 3

The vice president of Castilla y León deletes a video with the logos of Vox and the Board after Igea told him that it could be “embezzlement”

The vice president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Juan García-Gallardo, has deleted a message from his Twitter account. Although it may seem like a deja vu reminiscent of his controversy during the electoral campaign -with some tweets that charged against feminism, immigrants, homosexuals or the PP and that he had to eliminate-, the Vox representative has been forced by his predecessor in office, Francisco Igea, to eliminate a video with the logos of Vox and the Board after Igea told him that it could be “embezzlement”.

García-Gallardo does not apologize and labels the controversy over his words to a PSOE parliamentarian as “manipulation”

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The Citizens Attorney has announced that “this Monday” they will present “a request for documentation and a written question about this use of public resources for a party’s campaign.” Likewise, the former counselor has also warned that they should study “if the line of embezzlement is being exceeded.”

And this that “begins to be intolerable”, as Igea has concluded, is about the incorporation of the party’s logo in a video made for the account of the vice president of the Junta de Castilla y León. In these images, García Gallardo is seen at the inauguration of the Deputy Minister of Industrial and Labor Dynamization, Óscar Villanueva, with images recorded by the communication section that the regional Executive has but edited in a way never seen before within this community.

What is striking is the use for an institutional announcement of the ‘fly’ of the far-right formation and the incorporation at the end of the video of a new format never seen before: a mix between the ‘vox green’, the Board’s shield and a Spanish flag.

It is the last seconds of the video that has sparked criticism from the Ciudadanos representative for Valladolid. Once Igea has made his dissatisfaction public, yesterday afternoon, the tweet has disappeared from Juan García-Gallardo’s personal account and is no longer available. After deleting the message, Igea has returned and sentenced: “The vice president has deleted the tweet. We are not so brave anymore.”