Thursday, September 23

The vice president of Castilla y León explodes: “The level of health policy in Spain is a bloody national shame”

The political course has started with tension in Castilla y León, where the plenary sessions in Parliament have resumed after the vacation period. The vice president, Transparency counselor and spokesperson for the Board, Francisco Igea, has decided to answer him and not the Health Minister, Verónica Casado (also from Citizens), to a question from a regional deputy from Podemos, Laura Domínguez, about the treatment received by healthcare professionals. He has done it visibly angry and shortly after the president of the Board assured that he would vote in favor of a socialist NLP to withdraw the primary care reform plan, one of the councilor’s spearheads.

“Look, the Spanish health policy, and I say the Spanish and I say in all the communities and I say in all the parties, it is a real rubbish, a real rubbish. And I am going to show it to you,” he announced. Igea has read press headlines from Andalusia, Cantabria, Extremadura, or Navarra, which echoed health cuts and office closures. “The PP in one place denounces one thing, the PSOE in another place denounces the same thing. So in all of them, so is health policy in all of Spain, that is how we are, that is how we are, that is how we do politics, lying to people, exploiting the difficult situations, so we are doing politics “, he criticized.

“We try to make a different policy. We try to meet with counselors who have the same problems, we try not to do demagoguery, we try to serve our professionals,” he claimed. In this sense, he recalled agreements signed with the infirmary, with mir, and that “more permanent places than ever in the history of the Community and more transfers than ever” have been removed, something that “the numbers say.”

“Has there been a difficult situation? Of course it has. Have we managed a pandemic? Of course it has,” he insisted. “Can it be said, as has been said here, that we do not care about people’s lives? A prosecutor said it here today,” he lamented in reference to a Socialist deputy. Igea, a doctor by profession, has recalled that she has spent 28 years of her life dedicated to medicine, and that the counselor, also a doctor, has 30.

“Look, I am going to do a little more self-criticism: it is a bloody national shame how health policy is done, here, outside of here and throughout Spain,” he has settled while his colleagues on the bench applauded in the hemicycle.

In his turn to reply, Domínguez has criticized the “absolute despotism” of the Ministry, a “farmhouse of Citizens” with unions and workers during these two years and has recalled the “absolute dismantling” of rural health and all public health that begins “by the rights of the labor personnel”. According to Domínguez, the high level of vaccination in Castilla y León has been achieved “by exploiting” nursing professionals.

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