Friday, November 26

The vice president of Pharmamar looks to the end of the year to skyrocket his profits

The long wait for Pedro Fernandez Bridges, vice president of Pharmamar, so that its Zendal laboratory begins to produce for the Old Continent the Novavax coronavirus vaccine seems to be coming to an end.

After about a year of delay from the initial commercialization objective, Novavax is already in the process of submitting to the European health authority, the EMA For its acronym in English, the Serum Marketing Application.

In addition, it is carrying out the same process in other European geographies such as the United Kingdom and in other countries like Canada, Australia O New Zealand after demonstrating in phase three of the trial, the pre-marketing phase, an overall efficiency of 90.4 percent.

A different vaccine from the rest

The vaccine is 100 percent effective against moderate and severe disease, 93 percent effective against any type of variant, and 91 percent effective in high-risk populations in which the mortality rate increases in the event of contracting the disease. coronavirus.

The vaccine has already been approved in Indonesia thus becoming the first recombinant protein-based coronavirus vaccine called NVX-CoV2373. The Franco-Austrian company also expects to complete all the documentation for the sales application in the United States before the end of the year.

In this way, Fernández Puentes is positioned as a key actor since Zendal will also be in charge of manufacturing the active ingredient Novavax once partnered with the Serum Institute of India also for manufacturing.

Zendal can cope with 500 million doses

From the creator of the vaccine, it has been indicated that the agreements could be expanded or new additional ones be created as the global supply of the antidote evolves.

Zendal will not be surprised by the Novavax orders, since it was expected that at this time the factory would be established in the market. O Porriño, Pontevedra (previously owned by Astrazeneca) is ready to handle up to 200 million doses that can come from the European Union.

The European Commission signed an agreement to purchase 100 million doses of the vaccine with the option of expand them to another 100 million once it is approved and reviewed by the EMA.

From the beginning, from its subsidiary Biofabric, Zendal is committed to producing 250 million doses to fulfill orders from the European Union and has a reserved capacity for at least 500 million doses.

The booster dose route

Another point in favor of Pedro Fernández Puentes, also a cousin of the president of Pharmamar (Jose Maria Fernandez Sousa), it is the arrival of the third dose or booster dose where Zendal can find a great niche in the market.

The Novavax formula is positioned as a booster dose alternative to those already vaccinated with Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) serum on which investigations on clots or Astrazeneca continue, for the same reason.

On the other hand, after the dispute brought to court between Astrazeneca and the European Union over the delivery of doses according to the contracts, Brussels will not buy any more doses of this brand. Another point in favor for Zendal.

Regarding its administration alone, it would count in its favor with the fact that its efficacy against any mutation is greater than 90 percent. What’s more, said efficacy would reach 95 percent in the most aggressive current mutations according to a new study.

Attention to quality standards

The company led by Pharmamar number 2 is also very aware of the high quality standards that health agencies require from companies that are manufacturing vaccines against Covid-19.

And Novavax has already written a chapter in this regard because, according to the medium published Politico, with information that was echoed Reuters, Novavax is having difficulty demonstrating that it can manufacture its medicine based on the quality requirements set for the coronavirus.

According to this outlet, which relied on anonymous sources familiar with the process, Novavax’s methods of testing the purity of vaccines have not met FDA requirements.

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