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The vice president of the Cortes de Castilla y León, after a new row in the Chamber: “I suspend the session and fuck them”

“I am about to suspend the session, I am about to suspend the session and we will resume it this afternoon, screw them”, this is how the vice president of the Parliament of Castilla y León, Francisco Vázquez (PP), has solved the new anger that has been experienced this Wednesday in plenary session of the Cortes. Finally, Vázquez opted for a 15-minute recess until the voices died down, and the gestures when the attorney for the Mixed Group, Pablo Fernández (Unidas Podemos), intervened. At that time, a Law Proposal was being debated to change the way in which regional senators are appointed, so that no party can vote against it to block candidates.

“They continue with their crazy policy of degrading the res publica, of deteriorating politics and sullying this Parliament,” Fernández started. In addition to referring to the Senate as a “dinosaur graveyard” and as a “revolving door”, he has reproached PP and Vox for claiming that “anyone can be a senator with zero votes”, an “inconceivable contempt” that is lacking in “parliamentaryism” . According to Fernández, PP and Vox conceive of politics as “a vehicle for profit” and not to improve people’s lives. “That is why”, he continued, “Castilla y León has a president who has lived his entire life from politics, such as Mr. Mañueco, who would not know how to do anything else, well, he does not even know how to read, he does not even know how to speak, no I would know how to do something else outside of politics and that is why in Castilla y León we suffer from a vice president who earns 100,000 euros a year without having any kind of competition, without assuming any kind of responsibility other than being here to open his mouth when they let him take off muzzle and insult people.” It is at that moment when from his seat, a counselor told him that he was insulting.

“No, excuse me, the one who insults…” the United Podemos prosecutor began to say, before the Vice President of the Cortes, Francisco Vázquez (PP) asked that the use of the word be respected. Fernández has continued to recall that the vice president, Juan García-Gallardo had insulted the Ciudadanos attorney, Francisco Igea, whom he called an “imbecile” on Tuesday. But Fernández has been interrupted again, this time by García-Gallardo. “Listen, Vice President, if he wants to talk to me, the regulations allow him to speak. Instead of doing it casually, lip service, have the courage, have the courage to ask for the floor and come up to this rostrum if you dare to debate with me, do it! because you show enormous cowardice, ”Fernández responded. Vázquez has called Pablo Fernández to the issue. The spokesman for the Popular Parliamentary Group, Raúl de la Hoz, has joined the voices, to indicate something to Pablo Fernández, who has pointed out that he is not the one who directs the debate. Vázquez has insisted that he was in the use of the word for the issue under discussion, while Fernández replied that what he was saying was related “consubstantially and intrinsically.”

“They are turning the Chamber into a pigsty”

“Because in the end you are turning this Chamber into a pigsty, Mr. Vice President, with attitudes like that of the President of the Chamber, who, in the face of a direct insult from a Vice President to a parliamentarian, says absolutely nothing at all. Here you can insult with impunity without the president of the Cortes saying anything at all, here you can make a fuss, here you can question the speaker without anyone saying anything. What you are allowing is a scandal”, he continued before being interrupted again by Raúl de la Hoz, who told him that he was going to “make a video of that”.

The voices and the laughter have continued while Fernández answered him and De la Hoz indicated with a hand that he go to the seat. “That you are nobody to command, Raúl, that you are nobody”, he replied before the vice president made him leave the rostrum with the intervention time already consumed. The attorney for United We Can has addressed him to remind him that he is the vice president of the Cortes while he commented that he has called him “twice on the matter.” However, not even the end of Fernández’s speech has calmed the tension, so Vázquez, while commenting with the rest of the Table of the Courts that he was going to suspend the plenary session, ended up opting for a recess.

García-Gallardo assures that Vox suffers “unacceptable attacks” and does not apologize to Igea or Fernández

When the plenary session was resumed, the vice president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Juan García-Gallardo, took the floor to demand “respect” and denounce “unacceptable attacks” on Vox, while demanding that Parliament not turn into a “sty”. The President of the Cortes, Carlos Pollán, after begging for “respect” when the session resumed, gave the floor to García-Gallardo, who has claimed to intervene due to “personal references”. “Since these Courts were constituted, as a coalition government and party, we have been enduring attacks, provocations and insults that are unacceptable and that as vice president deeply embarrass me,” reports Europa Press.

García-Gallardo has not apologized for calling his predecessor in office, Francisco Igea, an “imbecile”, nor for having rebuked Pablo Fernández while he was speaking, with ostensible gestures for him to leave the lectern and has defended before the Chamber the right of Vox to “exist”. “We are valid interlocutors, a legal party, we have the right to bring debates that did not take place before, to talk about energy sovereignty, gender ideology, climate fanaticism”, he pointed out, after what he has asked for the Cortes to do again “the house of the word”.

“As vice president I will be happy to answer everything, we must park these behaviors, this show, yesterday’s and today’s and treat each other with respect without turning this into a pigsty,” he settled.

After this intervention, it was the Citizens Attorney, Francisco Igea, who took the floor to remind García-Gallardo that he is the “only one who has insulted” after yesterday calling him an “imbecile” when defending a motion on transparency .

The Vice President of the Cortes apologizes for the expression “and fuck them”

The Vice President of the Courts, Francisco Vázquez, has apologized through twitter for the expression used (“and fuck them”) when suspending the plenary session this Wednesday and for the behavior of the attorneys. “In the plenary held yesterday and today, we have voted, among other issues, four PNL and a Law Proposal. I want to apologize to the Castilians and lions for the behavior of the attorneys and I also apologize for the expression used to suspend the plenary” , He has written.


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