Wednesday, November 30

The vice president of the Generalitat affirms that the stability of the Government “is at risk”

The vice president of the Generalitat and Minister of Digital Policies and Territory, Jordi Puigneró, said this Sunday that the stability of the Government “is at risk.” This has been expressed in an interview published in the newspaper ‘El Punt Avui’, in which he has assured to be concerned about whether it has cracked, says the 52% pro-independence majority in the Parliament. “If this is broken, the independence movement will have to make a reflection,” he valued.

Puigneró has warned that the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, “has to ask himself how the legislature is from the perspective of stability” after the amendment to the entire 2022 Generalitat Budgets by the CUP , which was the initial investiture partner of the current Government. He has also warned that the pro-independence majorities with which the legislature started now “are no longer”, and has assured that his formation wants to know if the government agreement between the Junts and ERC is guaranteed.

On the roadmap to achieve independence, Puigneró has defended the “democratic attack” and guarantee the strategic unity of the independence movement even though it does not exist, he says, political or electoral cohesion.

For Puigneró, the share of 6% of the content of the catalog of the platforms in co-official languages ​​of the State that contemplates the General State Budgets (PGE), and according to what ERC has negotiated in recent weeks, are “crumbs”. In this sense, he has advocated giving the message that Catalan can be a “destabilizing element” for the Government.

“Perhaps a budget should be knocked down so that they learn,” he warned, and said that the budget negotiations are an opportunity to warn the Executive of Pedro Sánchez that the independence movement in Congress will give him instability, according to him, if he is not shielded the Catalan.