Thursday, September 29

The Vice President of the Valencian Government defends “opening a debate” on the future of the ‘bous al carrer’

The vice president and spokesperson for the Valencian Government, Aitana Mas, from Compromís, stated this Tuesday after the extraordinary plenary session of the Consell that the celebration of the ‘bous al carrer’ will be the subject of debate if the Botanical Pact is reissued for the third time.

Mas has spoken in this way when asked if he considers the application of the current regulations sufficient to curb fatalities, seven so far this year and 31 since 2014, given that the current legislation dates from 2015: “Obviously It is not enough, it is a debate that we must have before next summer and that must be included among the agreements of the third Botanical Pact”.

Until then, as he has said, it is necessary “to strictly comply with the regulations” and that protection measures be increased to try to avoid incidents and personal misfortunes “to the maximum”. In his opinion, although “obviously the regulations are not enough” to stop all deaths, he has pointed out that it is “one of the most restrictive in the entire State and the most conservative of human lives.”

As the vice president has pointed out, the debate on the prohibition of these acts “was left out of the Botànic agreement”, so there is no agreement between the different forces that make it up –PSPV, Podem and Compromís– although she maintains that it is “clear” that society “in the face of these deaths has a conscience” of protecting people, but also “animalistic”, which is “a growing conviction in recent years” and that demands “courage to face a debate that we’ll have to have at some point.”

Asked if the party should be further restricted in access, he pointed out that the regulations are “present and in force” and acknowledged that, sometimes, surveillance is difficult to do when there are crowds but “it is and must be done” , and has insisted that training is part of security and is one of the elements that can be improved from the Consell in collaboration with the supporters clubs and local entities.

Mas’s statements come a day after the Consultative Commission for Traditional Bullfighting Celebrations (‘Bous al Carrer’) of the Valencian Community was held in which, despite the seven deaths and 300 injuries so far this year, it was not adopted no far-reaching measure to stop the deaths, beyond reinforcing the training of volunteers and supporters clubs, who ask for a police presence in the municipalities without local agents.