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The victim of the multiple rape of Molins: “They told me that other girls did not put up so much resistance”

It had to be a night out like so many others. But it was a before and after in the life of the young victim of a multiple rape in 2018 in Molins de Rei (Barcelona). “They told me I was a whore, to shut up, that I made it very difficult and that other girls did not put up so much resistance,” the minor told the court that the defendants told her.

In the 6th section of the Barcelona Court, the trial against three young men accused of raping the girl began this Thursday. The Prosecutor’s Office asks for harsh penalties: 43 years in prison against two defendants and 46 against a third for allegedly having photographed the attack and sent the images by WhatsApp.

The defendants (who are still free and in the investigation phase alleged that the relationships were consensual) will testify next Monday, the date on which the experts who analyzed the biological remains found in the victim’s body will also appear. This Thursday’s session served to hear the testimony of the victim, several witnesses and the Mossos agents who investigated the case.

The young woman’s story has been clear. She explained that she spent the night in a nightclub in Molins, that she consumed alcohol and drugs and that when the place was closed she was angry because her purse had been stolen but she wanted to continue partying. For this he got into the car of some friends, from which he got out to urinate. It was then that, according to her account, the defendants’ car passed, from which they got out to take her against her will.

“They grabbed me by the hair, they dragged me to the trunk, I started screaming and hitting,” explained the victim. When the trunk door opened, he continued, he was in a field. They took her out of the trunk to immediately put her inside the car to rape her in turns, she explained, while at the same time they called her a “whore” or urged her to shut up and reproached her for making it “very difficult.”

Despite having several “flashes” of what happened that morning, the young woman explained that after the rape one of the men began to show nervousness. “He would yell and say ‘he’s going to screw it up, he’s going to screw it up’.” Next, they opened the car door and left it in a field. “I was crying and walked to the station,” he explained.

As usually happens in trials for sexual assaults, the version of the victim is essential for sentencing, in the absence of other direct witnesses to the rape. The testimonies that have appeared this Thursday have corroborated at least that the minor, from the outset, claimed to have been the victim of a sexual assault. This has been told to the court by the Ferrocarriles de la Generalitat (FGC) worker and the traveler who found the minor, who have confirmed that the young woman “was very upset and anxious”

Psychological problems have continued and persist in the victim’s life. “It has changed my life completely, I do not want to go out, I shower more times, scratching hard, it disgusted me, I was already a drug user and I got worse because I wanted to evade,” the young woman told the court to questions from her lawyer, Esther Guerrero.

For their part, the defendants’ defenses have tried to discredit both the young woman’s story and the investigation by the Mossos d’Esquadra. The president of the court, magistrate José Antonio Rodríguez, has had to warn one of the lawyers because on two occasions he has addressed the victim with his first name despite the fact that before beginning the interrogation the judge had asked all the parties avoid breaking your anonymity.

The magistrate has also had to intervene to cut off aggressive questions from one of the defenses, which has affected a contradiction about the color of the car the victim got into before the rape. “Do not make speeches to me. Do you ask a witness in a trial if he lied? Ask specific questions,” the magistrate claimed the lawyer, who has insisted on questioning the young woman for “remembering different things” in his police statements and judicial. “No, I remember the same things but I am remembering more thanks to therapy,” the victim pointed out.

The audios and photographs

In addition to the testimony of the victim, the other element that the defenses have fought in this Thursday’s session have been the images and recordings that two of the defendants erased from their mobile phones but that the Mossos d’Esquadra managed to recover in part. Its content largely compromises its criminal future.

As stated by the agent who supervised the analysis of the terminals, a photograph of him was recovered from the telephone of one of the defendants in the car where the rape allegedly took place with one hand on the victim’s neck and the other holding a bottle of crystal, in addition to other photographs where the young woman appeared naked. And in another recovered audio, a boy warns one of the defendants that he did not want to “carry” the facts.

About the messages sent by the accused, one of the witnesses proposed by the defenses who has ended up turning against their interests has been asked: a friend of one of the accused, has ended up admitting to the court that they sent him a message in the who claimed that “they almost made a bukake” to the minor. To the astonishment of the court, the witness has not been able to explain what this sexual practice consists of. “Do you send messages with your friends with words that you do not understand?”, Asked the judge. The witness’s silence has spoken for itself.

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