Wednesday, November 30

The viral videos of the celebrations in Saudi Arabia | Digital Trends Spanish

The historic triumph of Saudi Arabia vs. Argentina in Qatar 2022 It will surely remain in the records of the Middle Eastern nation, and also among the thousands of fans of the Arab team, who gave free rein to the celebrations.

This is how many records, especially on the TikTok social network, went viral due to the crazy festivities both in the stadium and in many corners of the Arab nation.

In the different houses of Saudi Arabia, the cell phone cameras also documented the moment of the second goal of the green hawks, which generated maximum euphoria even in women.

Al Jazeraa recounted the feelings of the people:

Ahmed Shaqri is ecstatic.

“This is my first World Cup game, and I get to see Saudi Arabia beat Argentina,” the Green Falcons fan said, moments afterwitness his team defeat the favorites of Qatar 2022 in a packed Lusail stadium in one of thebiggest surprisesin the history of the football tournament.

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