Monday, October 25

The vote of the conservative candidate in the German elections in danger by doubling his ballot backwards

The conservative candidate for the general elections in Germany, Armin Laschet, has exhibited the contents of his ballot before depositing it in the ballot box, a circumstance that has been captured by photographers and widely disseminated by the media.

Laschet has gone to the electoral college in Aachen, in the west of the country, and has introduced his ballot folded in such a way that the crosses marked on it can be seen. “In this way it has not respected the basic principle of the secret vote,” wrote the newspaper Der Spiegel, accompanying the photo of the moment of the vote of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s successor, candidate of the conservatives of the Christian Democratic Union and the Social Christian Union ( CDU / CSU).

Die Welt calls it a “serious mistake” and suggests that the chairman of the table where Laschet cast his vote should have rejected it. Laschet told the media during the vote that today the citizens decide the direction the country will take in the next four years, while stressing that “every vote counts.” “We all notice that it is a very important election, an election in which the course of Germany is decided in the next four years and that is why every vote counts.”

Laschet’s price in pre-election polls has fallen steadily in recent months and has gone from being the clear favorite to being surpassed by Scholz, the Social Democratic candidate. In recent days the distance between the two has been reduced and there is practically a technical tie between them.