Sunday, May 28

The Vox candidate in Asturias: from singing for the ‘feminist revolution’ in Asturian to Abascal’s lists

The Vox candidate for the Presidency of the Principality of Asturias, Carolina López, participated in the video clip of the song ‘La misma revolución’ by Silvia Quesada. A song that the Asturian singer presented on March 8, 2019 as a preview of a new album and that she defined as “a feminist song with a pop edge, designed to stir consciences as well as heads and feet.”

It is a song sung entirely in Asturian, like all the music of Quesada, one of the most emblematic voices on the music scene in the region. The lyrics, written by the Mierense singer-songwriter Alfredo González, are a feminist plea that invites women to take the reins of their lives and put an end to old ties.

Change the role of princess to owner. That cord that tightens you is a cord: escape up the mountain, he prays in the chorus. There are also references to pioneering women of historical struggles, such as the stanza that says: We are the grandchildren of Rosa Parks, what we lost was to win. We are never in the shade, we are the risk (sunrise).

In 2019 Carolina López was already a member of Vox, two months after the publication of the video clip she became a councilor for the far-right formation in the Tineo city council. She is shocked by her participation in this assembly since the frontal rejection of Abascal’s party of both feminism and the officiality of the Asturian is well known.

In this electoral campaign, the argument of curbing the officialdom is one of the flags of the candidate. López repeats at each rally and each intervention that her party has managed to stop “the imposition of the language that Barbón and his partners wanted, the ideological imposition of the left.” He also points out that they have prevented “the money of the Asturians from going to a bottomless pit and creating more beach bars” around the Asturian.

In addition, she continually reiterates that it is “a language that does not exist” although it seems that she does know it well, at least in 2019 when she sang, with the rest of the protagonists of the video clip, ‘La misma revolución’.

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