Sunday, August 14

The Vox spokeswoman in Bormujos leaves the party after announcing that she is marrying a migrant woman

By surprise, at the end of the plenary session and with a statement that he could not finish reading. This was announced this Thursday by the Vox spokesperson in the Bormujos City Council (Seville), Carmen Cariciolo, who is leaving the party, which she accuses, among other things, of “authoritarian” and protecting charges that come “from the extreme right.”

A councilor from Vox de Bormujos (Seville) denounces her partner for improper use of the party card

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Cariciolo’s relationship with Vox had deteriorated significantly since last summer he denounced his benchmate, Miguel Ángel Pereda, for alleged irregularities in the use of the municipal group’s credit card, a complaint that was filed by the management of Vox and “forgiven” when he returned the money.

Nor has it helped, she says, that he announced a little over a month ago that he will marry a Venezuelan immigrant (she is divorced and has three children from her previous marriage). At this point, he even maintains that Vox forced him to grant interviews, citing that he had the support of his party in this decision, but that, later, the support became pressure.

She will continue to be a councilor

The fact is that at the end of the plenary session, Cariciolo asked to speak to officially announce that he had abandoned the membership in Vox and was leaving the spokesperson, although he will keep his act as councilor, understanding that “it does not belong to Vox, but to the neighbors, who continue to trust me. ”

She could not finish her speech, scheduled for about six minutes, because some councilors protested when they understood that it was against the Plenary’s regulations to continue to intervene once the session was adjourned, although what she suggested was that, although it was not recorded in the minutes, the others councilors know their reasons. As it could not be, he later recorded a video at home in which he completed the argument.

In it, he affirms that he had felt defenseless in the case of the complaint filed against his party partner, against whom, he says, he has filed two complaints for harassment in addition to the use of the card, while he regrets that the one that until now it was his political formation “it is an authoritarian party that does not represent me”, to which he began to belong because he believed in “some principles and values ​​that have been diminished”.

“They never let me do interviews by myself”

Carmen Cariciolo has also argued that her party has never allowed her to do an interview without someone from the provincial leadership present, to also ensure that “they forced me to say what the party wanted me to say”, an imposition that, she maintains, has had the councilors of Vox in the province to support Rafael García Ortiz against his will to become a provincial deputy: “They didn’t even tell us that any councilor could be a deputy. They simply imposed it on us.”

“Abascal criticizes the plugs, but we have advisers in the Provincial Council – they made me hire one at the City Council – all by hand. They force us to present nonsensical motions, such as the Holocaust, leaving in the inkwell the real problems of the bormujeros”, assures.

“You have to return the certificate”

Vox has not entered to assess the statements of his already former spokesman, but party sources have indicated that he will ask him to return the act of councilor, understanding that he obtained it under the protection of his acronym and not in a personal capacity. According to Cariciolo, she will immediately ask to end the term as a non-attached councilor.